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Phantom Kat
Last Activity:
Jul 8, 2013
Oct 9, 2009
Likes Received:

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Phantom Kat

Hobo Writer

Phantom Kat was last seen:
Jul 8, 2013
    1. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      Totally A-OK. Real life is a harsh mistress sometimes. ;_; Take your time, and...

      I missed you tooooo. *cling!*
    2. anastasiar
      KAT <3

      yeah i wanted to say hi
    3. Darato
      Sleep well

      Hope to talk soon

    4. Darato

      How are you doing?

    5. Darato
      Thanks for accepting my FR.

      I just saw your name and thought it was great

    6. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      Have I ever mentioned that I love you and your art? :D

      Also, ooh, I now have scene bunnies for what to do about that braid. I think she will keep it for now. *cackle*
    7. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      Best question ever. XD

      Anyway, it's probably a lot like this. I say "probably" because I know I've mentioned that she has a long braid going down her back, but I really need to change that because that is most definitely not practical in a fight. *facepalm* That and I keep imagining this instead of a braid.
    8. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      Oh yes. Without mercy. Probably would've continued smacking around his corpse with her crowbar for about an hour too. Y'know. Totally just to make sure he was dead. Totally. XD

      ...And now I want to play Pokémon Quartz again, just because oh the crack.
    9. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      "delinquent first and a student later". xD That was my life motto for some time.

      URPG? It sounds like a holy (or unhold, xD) fusion of PASBL and the SPP Role-Playing Forums. Is it any good?

      Thanks for offering to check out my story; it's my first "traditional" Pokemon story, I guess, since it's the first time I'm writing exclusively about canon characters and canon events. =P

      Uno is becoming one saucy ***** to write, though. xD

      Hope you're doing well.
    10. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      Your constant reviews brought a smile to my face. It made writing that story tonnes of fun. It's a pity I abandoned Similar Opposites, though. I deleted the thread because I knew that I would never get around to completing it.

      Life's good for me. I'm in the middle of writing a Pokemon one-shot right now, actually. Well, it's meant to be a one-shot, but it's spiralled into 10,000 words right now, and probably won't finish until it's at least 12,000. I'll have to sell it as a three-shot and post it in parts. xD

      The link to the "Prelude" is in my siggie. I'd be honoured if you read it and dropped a comment.

      Out of high school, hm? How's that treating you? And which forum?
    11. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      Hey! I remember you; you were only one who consistently reviewed every chapter of my Similar Opposites fic. Well, watsup? How's life? lol at this randomness.
    12. hawkmbl
      Thanks for the help on my fic!
    13. Crystal
      And one more thing, none of it is completed, and currently I've stop writing for half year due to my university study.
    14. Crystal
      *Reply to your visitor message*
      I'm able to speak and read Japanese very fluently like a native Japanese (I can guarantee). BUT! I'm not a Japanese, nor living in Japan, not even study the language from any formal study institution.
      BTW, Serebii forum is a English Pokemon forum, so unfortunately I cannot post the fic. Even I post it, I don't know how many people will understand it.
    15. Niall1839
      hello thanks for your help in my (bad) fan fiction i just wanted to thank you and thought off starting off from scratch new team and everything maybe it will be better. thanks,
    16. Manaphyman
      I'll read chapter 4, but no promises.
    17. Manaphyman
      I read your fic, but as I said in my profile, I don't do pokemon cetric things...
    18. 1# manga fan!
      1# manga fan!
      Umm, your fan fic has the exact same title as my old fic that I was going to bring back? Just wondering if its a accident.
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