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  • Oh yeah, my IGN name is still Road, but I'm not sure which one you are? Feel free to send me a trade~
    AUGH I FORGOT TO ADD REPLY TO THE OTHER PM yes I'll take an Everstone with Phantump if that's alright! (I intend to evolve him but I always keep an extra unevolved clone just in case.)
    Oh I forgot to ask in the PM! I've just SRed my other Nebel Volcanion, so now I have a JPN one and ENG one. Which would you prefer?
    Nebel Volcanion (Lv. 70, Modest, UT, ENG, w/ Rage Candy Bar) #
    Nebel Volcanion (Lv. 70, Timid, UT, w/ Rage Candy Car, 31/x/29/27/31/31) #
    Hi, my names monique. im not sure my pokemon in my friend safari but i know its flying type.
    Im interested in exchanging friend codes with you. let me know thanks :)
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