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  • Nope, although I have a few dratini's myself saved, generally all 31 attack IV extreme speeders, some should be female.
    awesome xD I'm still limited to being able to trade on some weekend (depends when I go home) because I still haven't found anywhere with strong enough wifi for my DS on my college campus... so Saturday will work great.... if I end up at home :/ OH OH But I myself have a female DW magikarp~ :3 So when we do trade I'd be more than happy to trade you one.
    Ah no probs, that's fine xD That sounds like a complicated move... glad it got done and stuff though!
    Ok sounds good, that's 8pm my time so that should be great. I'll be sure to not forget this time >8D xD;;
    I'm planning a trade with someone else tomorrow at ~12pm GMT -8 so I'll definitely be available and online at that time. If you're available then too that'd be awesome :D 2 birds, 1 stone.
    Lol, just kidding.
    It's actually fun to meet someone that haves "phoenix" in their name too. :p
    ANother funny thing, we also have both a Scizor as avatar. XD
    Anyway, nice to meet you.
    It's cool either way. I can try and get on this weekend, but I'll be pretty busy with holiday stuffs, so no guarantees on my end either.
    Oh hmmmm not particularly. If I can get one of the female ones, I can fix my own up if I ever want to :3
    it doesn't seem to be working for some reason? I saw you in the wifi room, but it kept.... not working for some reason. I guess I'll try going out and back in xD
    Hmmm The only things that I'm interested in are a few DW females I don't have yet... Shroomish/Breloom, Vulpix, Dratini/Dragonite, and Eevee are ones that I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any of those you can breed me one of, that'd be awesome, or if not I'll live xD
    Oh, yeah I guess I didn't specify, I just assumed that you'd know it was female since that's what you were looking for xD But yes, it is Female. Just as a heads up, I pretty much only have access to WiFi for trading on weekends... so if you want to arrange a time on an upcoming weekend to trade, that'd be good.
    Oh I see. Well I have a DW Nidoran anyways from the DW in Black 1, so I can help with that one for sure xD As for the others, I haven't actually started going around the grottos yet, but I think I might this weekend, so if I run into females of any of those, I'll be sure to let ya know (since I'm interested in some of those as well, win win xD)
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