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  • Hey, no worries at all! I'm just glad you liked it as much as you did. Believe it or not, it's one of my favorite stories I've written so far, even if it didn't get as much recognition as some of my other stuff, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if you didn't see it during Yuletide.
    Thank you so much for writing me that belated contest review from scratch! I'll reply as soon as I have the chance, but just know it was still helpful and I'm super-grateful!
    Good to hear you're starting feeling better then, I know how that sort of slump can feel.

    And odd Negrek asked you about it here, yeah, especially since I'm pretty sure she has a Tumblr. ._. But hooray for potential silly Stevie defenestration shenanigans!

    As for me, still plugging along with oneshots - published the spiritual followup to my Interpretations entry (Caging Destruction, contains many sassy and shapeshiftery Legendary shenanigans if that pleases you) late last year, the revised draft of Crater Dreams earlier this year and then another oneshot (Truth, a sequel of sorts to someting pre-Serebii), and entered this year's contest as well - which I did surprisingly well in AND tied with a very close friend of mine (solvino) which made me extra giddy. The revised draft of that one (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plasbad, in which I turn a piece of absurdist theatre into a Team Plasma fic) is intended to drop next year along with my first attempt at chapterfic in five years and another oneshot featuring my own Steven shenanigans, both silly and serious because that's how I roll.

    Though... You had thoughts on Crater Dreams when it was first submitted to its contest? You still wiling to send those?
    Well, that's unfortunate, but I'll treasure the image whether it ends up getting written out or not!

    Hope you had a great holiday!
    Oh hey! Are you back? It's been a while! What was going on, if it's not too much to ask?

    (And what's this about Steven Stone being flung out a window? I was planning some silly fic shenaniganry with him myself. :p)
    I don't care whether defenestrating Steven would actually solve any problems, you need to do it anyway. For the good of all.

    Edit: wait, I think I misread that. If Steven's window misadventure is definitely a thing that is happening, I could not possibly be more excited for this 'fic.

    Negrek already answered my question so you don't have to. ^_^;

    How's the judging of those last three entries going? And... Is mine one of them?
    I was actually looking for a response to this:

    Well, two things I'm planning involve borrowing characters (and in one case a couple locations) from the anime and adapting them to my games-anime-and-fanon ficverse, so I guess that's also what I meant as well as general canon cocktailing and am wondering if it's OK or if it will scare off readers.
    Though sorry if I'm pestering.
    Hey, I looked at your sig, and I have this fanfiction up here, so I was wondering if you'd like to check it out? Review if you want to, but really, just a couple of more views would be enough :p Most of my other reviewers (including Jax, who I see is on your friends list) seem to like it, so maybe you would too? It's called Hoenn Reborn, and the plot in a nutshell .... well, you'll find out! ;)
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