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Recent content by PhonographSounds

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    Pokemon Cosplay FL

    I dressed as a Team Aqua Grunt for Halloween: :D I would love to dress as Lance (elite four), Team Rocket (male), Team Magma (male), or a Swimmer (male). haha
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    Team Aqua Costume

    I mostly made it myself. I had to buy the striped shirt though. :D
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    Team Aqua Costume

    Oops! That's the full sized photo.
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    Team Aqua Costume

    Happy Halloween!
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    Team Choices!

    Blasoise Vileplume Magneton Arcanine Dugtrio Not Dodrio!
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    Ugliest FR/LG Pokemon!

    Magikarp, graveler, and tangela. ick.
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    Flame Body in LG/FR

    Does flame body/magma armor work the same in LG/FR as it does in R/S? thanks.
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    Most annoying NPC in the game

    The PokeClub president: Rapidash....blah blah blah...ugh. He's still dumb to this day.
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    Your Nicknames...

    Blastoise - Proteus Dragonite - Atlas Blissey - Luki Clefable - Chloe Raichu - Ganymede Alakazam - Spoons
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    Mushrooms on Wild Paras/Parasect

    Go to the safari zone, paras and parasect show up so often. It makes mushroom hunting so much easier.
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    Thanks! It seems pretty pointless now.
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    I am trying to evolve my eevee...

    Also let it hold the soothe bell.
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    How does recycle work? Can you just pick which item you want to use again? Will it work on moon stones? thanks.
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    Quick, easy question.

    I say don't get either a water or a ground. Get a Chansey/Blissey, but if you really want a water get a Kingdra. I hate ground/rock.
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    Safari Zone Extension?

    Alright. [I'm using Emerald] Thanks! I can finally get a Miltank and a Teddiursa! :]