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  • You were on yesterday, but didn't let me know when you got back. Do you even wanna have this tourney battle? If not, could you post in the thread a win so we can get this tourney over with, please? I don't want a free win, but this thing is taking an insane amount of time.
    I'm here if you get on anytime soon. I'll only be around for about an hour though. VM me if you get on, and are able to battle.
    WERE the blazes are you?!??? No I'm not handling being out thought by Haunter to well...... Blast man... And that;s what happend he out thought me. I had him...I uuugghhhhh
    Well i was 1/1 today at OSL. Beat Guy but lost to Haunt. I lost to haunt cause he out predicted me. He knew I would wish/protect with Table and got in 2 nasty plots. If only i would have attacked with hp elec on one of those 2 turns. uggghhhh. Anyway. Need more help to make sure this doesn't happen again. I have all the pokes for this new team that I made on Shoddy thanks to curvebean. And now I gotta train them. I'll look for you.
    I should be around for about the next hour, or so if you come back and have the time to knock that battle out of the way for the tourney. In the mean time, I'm gonna find someone to have a war up battle with.
    It seems we keep barely missing each other. Let me know if you come back anytime soon. I can't go on the OSL chat myself, but I'll have Goke, or someone look for you there for me.
    Sorry I missed you...I've been trying to find tw items for my team on every forum you could probably think of, and I've got nothing, so far. I'll go with what I have if you catch me, but i'd like to find a Lefties, and an Expert Belt first. VM me when you get back.
    I never thought bot that kind of lead. May work. I just beat law with a real team. So things are looking up. Going to try a different set of pokes using what you taught me
    I should be ready to do our tourney battle within the hour...I need to EV two pokes right quick, but it shouldn't take long. Let me know when the best time for you to go today is.
    Phop I realized one of my other problems yesterday. I stopped having fun while battling and was to worried about winning. I went back to having fun and surprise. I started winning again. I guess for me it's a mix of having fun and having a good team. See you soon
    Posted...I let him know we should be battling on Monday. I will go with whatever i have available then no matter what.
    Thanks. Also, do you know anybody that can send me a few pokes? I'll try to make it worhth ther time. I'll send you a PM about it.
    I can go now if you really want to, but I would really like a couple more days, if possible.

    I lost my Platinum on Christmas Eve, and it had all my good pokes on it. I did get another Platinum already, and have beat the E-4, but I still need a small handfull of Pokes to unlock the National Dex.

    I do have people that had copies of my Pokes, some of which they gave me back for free, but at this point, I think you would absolutely steam roll over me. I can give you a great battle if you can give me the time to EV train one Poke, and get another poke that someone is breeding for me, I'm sure I can give you a wothwhile battle.

    No excuses though from me if you wanna go sooner. It wasn't your fault I klost my game. I'll leave this one up to you. Monday, for sure, I would have the two Pokes I need to finish up my team.
    Here is the team I used. Azelf, flygon (scarf), poliwraith, bronzong, clefable and spiritomb. This is the 2nd team that won 2. The 1st one had weezing in place of flygon
    sorry to say this but, I´m going to travel to my grandma´s house due to the new year, so I´ll be out and I wont be able to take the lesson
    You'll be proud of me. I used a new team featuring Poliwraith today facing Milo. I lost 2-0 but I stopped DD mence from Dancing and burnt him all at the same time. Not only did I do that but I stopped all but Magnizone from setting up. Hence he took me out. But the lesson from last nite was learned.
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