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  • Hey there! You seem to be new, so I'd like to help you out.

    A lot of your threads keep getting closed because they don't quite follow the rules. You'll find the rules of the forum over here, but they're also in the stickies. (It's, in general, a really good idea to read those before posting. Stickies, I mean.) For example, there are length requirements. Every chapter you write (except the prologue) needs to be at least two pages long as 12-point Times New Roman in a word processing document. In other words, if someone copies and pastes your chapter into Microsoft Word or another program like that, that chapter must be at least two pages long.

    You'll also need to be aware that there are grammar and spelling requirements as well. It's tough to get those down correctly, though, but it would definitely help you to write your work in a word processor like OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. The last of those is online, so you don't even need to save your work to your computer to use it (meaning your parents won't find it if you use your own computer). If you're using a 3DS to type, there is no word processor that it can use, but you really shouldn't be writing a story on a 3DS anyway. The reason why a word processor is so recommended is because it has built-in spell-check-as-you-type features, and it lets you save your work as you go. That way, you can easily proofread and comb out any error.

    I have to apologize for telling you all of this, but it's a little intimidating at first to come into the section, not only because the rules are so specific but also because our readers tend to be picky. However, if you keep the rules and the above tips in mind, you'll be able to post work that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about it getting locked. :D

    Good luck and welcome to the board!
    Everything I do on these bloody forums is rejected. Like every bloody thing I do in life......

    No one will learn to like me.....
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