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Recent content by Pickleguy5

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    Which Starter Will You Pick? (and Why?)

    Oshawott, I usually pick water on first play through
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    Those childish things!

    Still sleep with a stuffed dog I won at a fair when I was 4.
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    I have a lot, so I'll start with the small ones. Burns on knuckles. Stupid oil. Scrape on left ankle from falling off scooter. Never rode it with sandals on again. I too have appendectomy scar. In my belly button and two half inch ones for the cameras. Enough of that small junk, now to the...
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    Pokémon Assembler

    Can you explain #6
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    How'd you first discover/get introduced to Pokemon?

    I was about four when I was introduced. My neighbor played it. I'm not sure if that is how I got into it. But I went to toys r us to getca game for an original gameboy and I picked silver because I thought lugia looked cool.
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    which pokemon do you class as rare

    I agree with eivui except for the legendaries since you can get one in each game. Feebas is pretty rare.
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    Your horrifying pokemon moments...

    My next door neighbor was restarting his ruby and he wanted me to start my sapphire over. I didn't want to so he took it and started a new game.this was when the third gen was new. I had some shinies and some events on it. I got really mad. I also lost my silver for like a year, and found it...
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    That one extra second after selecting a move that signalizes it missed....

    Since it usually happens at the worst time, I get frustrated.
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    Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

    My dad calls them poke mans and is always Asking me what level I'm on. I always have to tell him that it isn't like that. My sister dosnt like it, and responds because its pokemon. My neighbor plays it, but I don't really hang out with him much anymore. Some of my friends used to play it, and...
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    The Unova Region

    I also like the lowercase names.
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    #602 Tynamo / #603 Eelektrik / #604 Eelektross

    Looking for a tynamo, Any gender, close to lv.39 would be nice so it will evolve quickly, but is not necessary. An attached thunderstone would also be appreciated. Can offer spiritomb, zorua, b/w starters, the monkeys, b/w exclusives or b/w fossil pokemon.
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    Apples to Apples- Pokemon Edition!

    Rampardos, he's a dinosaur that head butts things.
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    Apples to Apples- Pokemon Edition!

    Spiritomb even though it is one of my fav. Pokemon, the process to get it in sinnoh is probably one of the stupidest ways to get a pokemon.(excluding feebas and a few others.
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    Apples to Apples- Pokemon Edition!

    Can I join?
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    Pokémon Assembler

    Sent my answers