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  • Hi what would you want in terms of legendarys for masterball. I have latios pretty much every hoenn legendary. So tell me.
    thanks, it's always good to hear from you too, seriously, not just saying cuz u told me. Like when theres a VM from u =D
    I have this week off of school as it's carnival holiday, after that, Imma study til some holiday ;-;
    Cuz it's the last year in school :/, gotta study to get into college :p
    Hello. Sorry. Been busy. May you also add a Mawile?
    Later, like months, weeks, and stuff... May I trade you so my pokemon can evolve. Like my clampearl and kingdra?
    I have a big fish tank. They all (preferably) eat at 7:00 in the morning. Since it's summer, it's impossible for me to wake up that early. So I feed them at 8:00.
    do u have more than one mareep?
    or plan to get more than one hoppip?
    I have loads of shiny shinx (i got them all by chaining for adamant one xD)
    So we could trade

    Well, I wanna use it on our battle, ull find out who it is
    Her name's Fergie
    (cuz i was singing fergalicious when i got it xD)
    Wow. That is early. I remember when I used to be able to sleep in.....
    I woke up at 8:00 this morning. It's 9:23 over here.
    I can't sleep in anymore because I have pets to feed.
    good luck on it

    I finished breeding a pokemon tuesday:

    Im gonna start another one today, I think
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