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  • Thanks! I also have a decent johto team!
    Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium, Scizor, Crobat, Gengar/Tyrannitar
    Nope, I got it correct.

    Here is what I got

    Nights: Joruney of Dreams
    No more heroes
    Tomb Raider: Underworld

    Legend of Spyro: dawn of the dragon( I played this for while I also accidently started a new game and saved over a file that I already started)
    Final Fantasy IV

    Iron Man
    The Dark Night
    House: Season 3
    Prison Break: Season 1


    I also got some pants and that stuff.
    My brother uses it
    I hate it

    Well, a friend of mine helped me a lot
    So, I think I can pass this knowledge:
    Just go to the patches when 4 of them hustle
    Go to the farthest, cuz they´re organized on squares around u
    So, always use where u have 4 patches for the two sides
    There are 3 types of hustles:
    Normal, the grass just hustle
    Shiny, the grass hustles with a shiny thing (xD)
    Red glittering, it looks like diamond when shinies, it shinies more times than the shiny (it shinies 4 times (pling-pling pling-pling)

    Well, while using the pokeradar, if u dont like a pattern, walk the required steps and use where u first used
    Well, while doing this dont go too far away of the center cuz it might break (this means, walk at the max 4 patches away ^^)

    I think that´s the basic
    What is this DS thing?

    I´m pretty good
    My father gave me a cellphone
    And I got 6 shiny cubones
    Hey are you in a clan if not you should join the SSS (im not being weird im applying to tell people about it)
    Probably not anything, but I could be wrong. that I still got my birthday 6 days after christmas.
    I also haven't seen tales of symphonia II yet out in stores. Though I'm going to get animal crossing first probably.
    Good thing my mom before she bought sonic and the secret rings. other wise I would have ended up with two games on the same system. I don't mind have two games on a diferrent system but I don't need two on the same system.

    I guess it was on sale and I payed $50 dollars for that game.
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