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  • I vote we ban Thorn from competitive play. The thing is just too overpowered and only takes 2 body shots to kill. With it being a primary and having that much power, it's just way too strong, and most encounters usually end in death.
    I think there should be suspects kind of like in comp Pokemon. That'd help even out the tier lists. Maybe try one weapon/armor weekly or monthly. Play around in PvP and PvE for a while, notice if there is a weapon/armor piece that stands out a lot that should be higher on the tier list, or if there's one that is too high on the tier list. It'd be useful.
    I'm happy you took it so well. Alot of people can handle critisme very well but I'm glad you can.
    I know the thread is more "public" but it needs more real designers in my taste instead of people that use other peeps their design and show it off. But thats the public issue I guess :p

    I do like the banner, and it makes sense what you say, yet I do feel that because of the light and dark contrast its not one piece anymore
    its hard to place a link to the background and charachter. I do think if you darkend the charachter it will make it look a whole more, but considering your story behind it
    thats really personal taste and should not be changed because of that :).

    The darklines however that looked rigged seem to me like a program mistake which is the cause of the angels of the shapes you have made.
    Idk if you used photoshop to make this one but If you do, the auto effects like Line and Shadow are noticeable with the eyes which can be avoided by making
    the layers yourself because these auto effects are risky and may show a bit pixely.

    Hope to see more of your work :)
    Well then, is it now I advertise for the Game section? lol
    As long as you're happy with what you do, you'll do fine.
    Well, I have to admit this is the first time I've even paid the art section any attention since way back then, so I am very unfamiliar with the mechanics and whatnot now.
    I used to stalk the fanmade sprites long before I even joined the forums, so it brings back memories. lol.
    Being able to give constructive critique is a good thing though.
    Thanks for the professional feedback. It was my first sprite since I was a kid, so I am evidentially rusty. lol
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