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  • Thi?t k? website[/ tin nhan doc dao ngay 8/3,
    loi chuc y nghia 08/03
    cho d?ng mÃ*y râu dÃ*nh t?ng cho b?n gái, b?n bè, m? vÃ* nh?ng ngu?i ph? n? xung quanh b?n :D
    t?ng h?p tin nh?n d?p cho ngÃ*y 8/3
    Tin Nh?n Ký T? 8-3url] giá r? ch? 500k
    Hey, I know the shop says closed, but I kinda want to make up for the 6 months I dropped of the map, so is there any thing I can do? By the way, I DID get all the Dream world images, BUt they are all kinda small, so if you want them I can email them to you, but if not, I'll let you when I get the full sized ones.
    I understood both quotes perfectly, and his was a mixture of both. It sounds picky, but if you click a link to a thread in the games forum and the instructions are like that, then I would personally be a little bit annoyed.

    And it's not just that anyway. His rules, even if they were spelled correctly, were unclear.
    Hey, I just say those Sugamori fusions you did, which are pretty nice. I was interested in spriting the Axchew one, if that okay with you?
    Well, I'm not sure, but I just downloaded what images I needed according to what I wanted to do. If I find a way to get them all, I'll let you know.
    All of a sudden, Imageshack stopped letting me post animations. Do you know another image hosting site that does? BTW, Photobucket wont let me sign up
    Pokemon Obsidian/Moonstone got deleted, I am making an entirely separate forum so we can start again without being disrupted.
    Note that this site is entirely clean and safe, I have used it multiple times in the past. I will mod you and the other members of the original P O/M group once you join. I have already contacted KYUREM about this.
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