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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • It's good to be skeptical about such things. Normally I would be in the same boat. However, the logos, along with the website url that just links back to Pokemon.com right now have me pretty convinced. Pokemon Gray and Delta Emerald may have been trademarked, but they didn't come with high quality logos the day before a major Pokemon announcement. Also, Gray and Delta Emerald were obviously linked to existing games in some way, as it was Game Freak insuring they had room to work. Sun and Moon are oddly random and specific. So unless Game Freak is trying to trick us on purpose, I think it's going to happen. I guess we'll know either way in seven and a half hours.

    On a more serious note, this has me very excited. I'm convinced we will get something, as getting a logo alongside a trademark is unprecedented. I have this big giant theory on how the games will turn out and how they'll work. Basically I'm thinking its Gen 6.5, we start of in a new region with a story heavily influenced by Kalos, perhaps this region is the one that fought Kalos in the Kalos War, and Team Flare is somehow involved. We get new legendaries as cover Pokemon. Then once we beat the Champion we travel to Kalos and have a second story, this one based on Zygarde. My thoughts are better explained/justified in a post I recently made on my website. Check it out if you're interested.
    Thanks, I'm glad you noticed. I'm going all out the coming month for the anniversary.
    Yes I did because you agreed with me about Pikachu being mouse-like, specially when you taught that guy about the difference between a rat and a mouse.
    I know now pluse I commented on diffrent things I did not know I posted 3 times in a row as I was looking at diffrent pages
    Thank you! I'm flattered. Thanks for the friend request :O

    i had no idea people liked my posts, i thought i was being annoying half the time
    [Just a heads up, if you're the last person to reply to a thread but you want to say more, don't make a new post. Use the edit button.]
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