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Last Activity:
Dec 9, 2011
Nov 25, 2008
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pikadude43 was last seen:
Dec 9, 2011
    1. darklord18
      how come if I may ask?
    2. darklord18

      anyway yeah how your problem going?
    3. darklord18
      yeah and like he use to be open to me about prolbem and I was open to him but now I was open to him and he wasn't.

      but really how stupid can you get. lol.
    4. darklord18
      this is over a chat site when it happen or MSN sometimes.

      but yeah so what if I on your Vistor list. so what if I ask about how your life going and all that, maybe I want to know how you doing or what been happening. Really everytime I remember that I just laugh.
    5. darklord18
      he even call me a stalker because we have the same friends on our list and I always on his vistor list like reaaly I have someone from month back on here and that becasue most people I talk to use View Conversation instead of just going to my profile. so how he can call me a stalker is just funny.

      also he call me something else because my favorite character is Mira and Max.

      really this guy need to learn to grow UP.
    6. darklord18
      yeah maybe though if she dose then I just tell her to bad as he is in the wrong and she and he knows it.

      anyway I feel so great.
    7. darklord18
      knowing him most likely not. he most likely will complain to his friend and she will talk to me but I don't care, if he or she think I saying sorry then think again. their no way I will say sorry for something HE cause. after all I can only forgive someone so many times for the same thing.
    8. darklord18
      well he try to defend himself by saying I was stuff I wasn't and I jsut told him how I felt how he was treating me (it was in a group chat when he insult my feeling, so I was embarrasses by what he said.)

      anyway I glad I said that and I don't regret it. he deserve it
    9. Blue Steel
      Blue Steel
      Yeah I heard you can get those kind of things.

      I have to go though talk to you soon
    10. darklord18

      well the person I told you about insult me again and I told him how I feel about what he been and doing and how I felt about it.
    11. darklord18
      I did sorry about that.

      anyway how are you today?
    12. Blue Steel
      Blue Steel
      So you imported the new johto remakes? Thats really cool. I was thinking of doing that but then I though "no because I can't read Japanese". I know the plotline but I wanna read it in English.

      I have: platinum, diamond, pearl, PBR, emerald, saphire, ruby (which I lost), fire red, crystal, gold, red and blue.

      I had a REALLY old pokemon green version ages ago but I lost it =D
    13. darklord18
      hi how are you today and btw I mean Collectable stuff." in the topic.

    14. Blue Steel
      Blue Steel
      Yeah I'm from Europe. Yay.

      What pokemon games have you got?

      Ps I did like the biggest n00b mistake ever on my profile xP
    15. Blue Steel
      Blue Steel
      I'm fine..are you from Europe?
    16. Blue Steel
      Blue Steel
      Hey, how are you? I'm new here and I want to make more friends in the community!
    17. Kecleoshrew
      heh, lol. did you tell Squlicky that i'd said something about him?
    18. sspokemon
      pika pika pikadude how are you im sspokemon i joined a couple days ago hi!
    19. Torpoleon
      I'm back! Almost lunchtime where I live.
    20. Jappio
      Without actual expertise hacking ability, that Kooba difference wouldn't be possible. I'm making the sprites and trying to do so to make it easy for others to use. So they will probably end up being just multi-colors Koopas.

      As for help on your fan-game, sorry. I am working on like the sprites for 3 different games I am somehow related in, I can't take on any more than that =P
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