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  • Yeah, i see mew as more 'cute', too :3 i just like being silly with my toys^^

    I might roleplay my 'rainbow girls' daydream i had sometime with some toys xD it might be interesting...likely pony toys, lol.

    Do you like ponies too? :3
    That sound's like a lot of fun :D I bet the battles against the legendary pokemon toys are especially cool :3 I remember, one time, I had this roleplay with my pikachu and my mew and mew was 'master mew' and was teaching pikachu all kinds of neat martial art moves xD I gave mew a deep, man like voice, too XDDD

    Have you ever made up your own pokemon anime episodes with the toys too? :) I bet that'd be neat. You should try writing some fanficts based off your role plays sometime too^^ I'd love to read how your imagination work's.
    You sound like my one friend with her pony collection xD it just keeps growing and growing. i do not know how she has the money for it :p

    Do you sometimes roleplay with your figures? :) I have before. one time i made my jigglypuff act like kirby^^ it was fun
    Ohhh I don't have many pokemon toys xD I love the ones i do have, though :) I have several pikachu figures and a mew and a jigglypuff^^ used to have eevee, not sure what happened to it...
    Ohhh you wanna battle me? :3 duno if i'm up to that now. I have a headache and stuff dealing with the rain so i may not focus well due to that >.<;;

    I could invite you to my forum, if you like. It has to be via pm, though. PLEASE DO NOT post the url publicly. Also, i try to always keep the sign ups disabled. So you'll have to join RIGHT away, sorry, there's posable no way around that :p I was...badly attacked by these trolls who posted inapropriate stuff like the first day of the forum >.<;; don't want that again...it could get my forum removed :<
    Oh i'll go see what you said sometime XD

    I have friends who like mlp a lot too :) One is a member of my forum and she has the biggest mlp toy collection ever xD
    I'm confused^^;;; I'm not sure what you ment by the vm wall thing XD

    I used to come here a lot too when i had my crush on riku from kingdom hearts xD; i'm glad that ended and korrina has been a much happier thing for me. i went through too much dark stuff when i was into riku >.<;;; btw i'm a girl and i'm bi lol

    Also, do you watch my little pony at all? I listen to songs from that show time to time. I really relate to some of them, really. Maybe even a lot of them XD I even parodied a brony song with my crush on korrina: It went something like "Korrina, let your hair down down down. You know that Jirachu (thats me BTW) matters more go on curing your fangirl's frown. Let your hair down and OPEN THE DOOR! Because Jirachu matter's more"

    oh lol should have noticed that. I did remember your thing about Korrina though, saw that ;) Want to battle now? Sorry for the delayed response, was creating detailed instructions for a new game thread. I'll put your code in my system, if you didn't already do mine it's in my signature too.
    My friend code is in my profile, of course~ :3

    I may go walk my dog soon.

    I like regular pokemon battles and testing my skills :D

    My favorite pokemon character is korrina (and i have a crush on her. thats...sorta important to me. i have my good reasons :p)
    It's a pleasure to meet you, new friend...*bow's before my new opponent*

    *...or curtsy's as that's more my style really :U*

    And yes a wifi battle with you sometime could be really fun. :D
    1st i want to say thanks for the tips the other day i now understand how this all works ^^ my friend code is :3437-3347-7566 if your up for some casual no legend/mega battles.
    Haha yeah. I was like oops I'm dead..

    Then you used Smack Down! I was like.. XD

    Awe but my Masquerain died! I could've swept your team lol.. I didn't know I have Sawk lol.
    Wow that was a close match!

    GG.. I didn't expect Altaria to contribute as I catches it as my flier late in the game.
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