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Last Activity:
Dec 6, 2014
Oct 29, 2012
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Where you live
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Meowth-Goldwyn-Mayer, from Where you live

Pikakirby was last seen:
Dec 6, 2014
    1. pikaskipper
      Hello there!
    2. darklord18
      hi how are you

      me stress out alot.
    3. Teapot
      (Happy extremely belated birthday!)
    4. EonMaster101
      I'm having midterms, this week, so UGH. :/
      Haha, yes, very cute nevertheless! XD I love , such a cute little PokE-cat. :3
    5. Teapot
      Ooh, what's it like? :o
      I don't really wanna play it, but I think my cousin's friend is gonna give me his Ruby, so at least that's something. xD
    6. Teapot
      Hmmm...lets think...
      I've played games, written a story, and went to school, and I think that's about it. •w•
    7. Teapot
      Ah, great! ^^
      So, what've ya been up to?
    8. Teapot
      Oh, hi! It has been a while!
      I've been doing alright, thanks. Yourself?
    9. Wolfaotic
      Anytime! :D
    10. ThisIsPatrick
      XD It is one of my favourites :D
    11. ThisIsPatrick
    12. EonMaster101
      Decent, I suppose.
      Thanks, yours is cute and funny. XD
    13. ThisIsPatrick
      Nooo This Is Patrick! xD
    14. ThisIsPatrick
      Noooo This Is Patrick!
    15. CitrusHoney
      Good to hear you're doing fine too!~ ^o^
      Welp, I have exams soon... ;A;
    16. SerenaForTheWin
    17. SerenaForTheWin
      of course, if not i probably won't know serena aside from playing the xy game
    18. CitrusHoney
      Besides from being swamped in assignments, I'm fine, thank you!~ ^o^
      *hugs back*
      So whatcha being up to these days?
    19. SerenaForTheWin
      eh do i remember adding u before? , sorry if i forgot

      hmm me i'm doing fine here
    20. CitrusHoney
      Hello!~ I hope you're doing well?
      Thank you for forgiving me <3
      And I know what you mean, that happened to me on another forum too >w<
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Where you live
    The message you have entered is too short. Please
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I really need to update this sometime

    I should say I'm active here again, despite not posting on threads yet. I might start posting here again soon.

    Note: If my VMs are shut off, it's probably because I decided to for some reason :p or I don't wanna receive VMs atm.

    I was Pinkie Pie on the forum people! XD You can still call me that tho if you want to. :)

    I am a Pokemon Trainer who has liked Pokemon since Generation I.

    I am an AmourShipping fan. SerenaXAsh all the way! <3

    Trioxhydre. Will never tickle me. 8D

    ...yes, my real name sounds like bread. Get over it =P

    People to mention (including best friends)

    BlackStar80 - She's too awesome! We won't trade our friendship for the world :)

    Trioxhydre - She is my rival on here! D< XDDDDDDDD I haven't been here in ages though, so I wonder how she's doing with Riku :p

    Princess Raspberyl - She's a great friend to snark around with. And I always lose to her. D8

    Sling - I warned you about the stairs man

    pikaskipper - A nice friend of mine. He also loves Jirachi :)

    ...Uh, I haven't actually finished this yet. VM or PM me if you really want me to write something here XD to be honest anyone who's a good friend to me is really on this list


    Bobandbill - "Did Bob lose the second b, or Bill just not have a b? Does this mean Bob is ill!? And what happened to And!?!"

    Canada - "my posts will be stuck on the ground 5ever"


    I go on Pokemon Showdown occasionally. My username on there is the same as my username on here.

    Pokemon, dying from cuteness and respawning =P


    Thanks BlackStar80! :)

    ^Please join :) It's awesome