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I really need to update this sometime

I should say I'm active here again, despite not posting on threads yet. I might start posting here again soon.

Note: If my VMs are shut off, it's probably because I decided to for some reason :p or I don't wanna receive VMs atm.

I was Pinkie Pie on the forum people! XD You can still call me that tho if you want to. :)

I am a Pokemon Trainer who has liked Pokemon since Generation I.

I am an AmourShipping fan. SerenaXAsh all the way! <3

Trioxhydre. Will never tickle me. 8D

...yes, my real name sounds like bread. Get over it =P

People to mention (including best friends)

BlackStar80 - She's too awesome! We won't trade our friendship for the world :)

Trioxhydre - She is my rival on here! D< XDDDDDDDD I haven't been here in ages though, so I wonder how she's doing with Riku :p

Princess Raspberyl - She's a great friend to snark around with. And I always lose to her. D8

Sling - I warned you about the stairs man

pikaskipper - A nice friend of mine. He also loves Jirachi :)

...Uh, I haven't actually finished this yet. VM or PM me if you really want me to write something here XD to be honest anyone who's a good friend to me is really on this list


Bobandbill - "Did Bob lose the second b, or Bill just not have a b? Does this mean Bob is ill!? And what happened to And!?!"

Canada - "my posts will be stuck on the ground 5ever"


I go on Pokemon Showdown occasionally. My username on there is the same as my username on here.

Pokemon, dying from cuteness and respawning =P
Where you live
Favourite Pokémon
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Thanks BlackStar80! :)

^Please join :) It's awesome