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  • Can't think of any other cute bug types at the moment >w<

    It does suck that my school doesn't let the students use their phoes ;w;
    Alrighty!~ (although I don't know if it's your timezone or mine~ By the way, may I ask what time it is at your place? It's 5:18 P.M currently for me since I live in New Zealand >w<)
    Aw, thankies~ c:
    You are too! >w<
    Oh right! Surskit is really adorable too >w< Masquerain is nice too~

    I have replied! Haha, but this will be my last VM until school is done for the day ;A;
    Stupid school doesn't let us use phones at school ._.
    But I shall talk to you later!~ Enjoy your weekend while you can :p
    >w< Some of the patterns do look really nice and pretty~
    I like Beautifly and Volcarona, I most likely left a Pokémon out though, haha >w<

    So basically I have to go in like, 5-10 minutes ;A;
    Well, it depends I guess. My favourite bug type probably is Volcarona, it's pretty, haha >w<

    Indeed we could!~ ^o^

    Ah, it's alright~
    But I have to go to school early today ;A;
    Indeed... ;w;
    And then you can also fly on a Volcarona...a giant bug thing >w<

    Same here, but we'll slowly improve ^-^

    Sorry for the late reply ;A; I had stuff to do in the morning and I just came back from a short run
    ;w; B-but...how can a Pidgey and a Starly carry a person then? They're tiny...oh the heartbreaks I've suffered realizing on how some Pokémon can't learn the HMs when it should be logically possible...

    Yes, and some of them are so good ;A;

    Aw, I'll talk to you later then :c
    Take care!~
    I get to have some free time, so that's fun. I usually spend it playing video games and reading books, sometimes watching anime. B3
    How's school been for you, so far? I'm SO glad it's the weekend now... Not that I dislike school, I just need a break.
    Wow, really? >w< (oh, I see~ Imagine all the combinations of hats then, haha)

    ;w; Jumpluff can't learn Fly...? *heartbroken once more*

    That's true, and there's like a million other fanfictions with yours so it's hard to get noticed ;A;
    yeah I was lucky I wasn't far only half a page but I had only one copy of it since I wrote it at the time I thought of it so now its lost
    makes sense though lol going to try to write it down I lost all I had of chapter one when my computer crashed though
    Haha, it is quite a cute image so I would too >w< (I've heard about it, but never played it ;A; )

    Omg, same here! But alas, I was heartbroken once more as I realized that it wasn't possible. Oh well~ >w<

    Haha, I write them too but forget and never submits it~
    Ah, thank you~
    I like yours too! Imagine a Kirby dressed up as a Pikachu, it'd look quite cute, haha~

    It is weird, and it was surprising how mega Gyrados typing is Dark/Water, totally unexpected >w<

    It is!
    Gives me ideas on what to write if I were to do a Pokémon fanfiction or RPs~
    yeah thing is I never write it down when I should so I always get lost I have the whole story planned out and stuff I just can't find the right way to write it down.
    Haha, great name >w<

    I like Pachirisu too, Emolga not as much but it's still quite cute~
    It probably would! But it's kinda strange how it goes from walking on four legs to two legs (Mareep to Flaffy) o.o

    Most likely >w< but I'll slowly back away, millimetre by millimetre, haha
    Hm, I'm pretty sure everyone had those moments where it feels weird that we're acting out something in our heads X3
    I don't give up I usually never have time to write it when I finally collect my thoughts enough to write it and when I do have time I can't usually remember where I was going with it
    Haha, it was so adorable watching them since they had the follow trainer thingy (I dunno what to call it ;A; )
    Maybe? Haha~

    Indeed! Cottonee was kinda cute too, in an odd way~
    But apart from that, I would never evolve a Flaaffy unless I plan to use it competitively.

    Ah, that's true, but what if they cry? ;w;
    Haha, I think that it's alright to pretend/act like a Pokémon in your head, it exercises your imagination in my opinion >w<
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