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  • You should join the game called Secret Story:La Maison des Torsion. We need 2-3 more players.
    It include role-playing.
    Wow....so because I couldn't answer a OPTIONAL question about The Beatles and you somehow didn't get my following pm I can't play a game I've been part of since like the 3rd installment because you neglected me until I realized hours before you closed registration????
    Fine, thanks bunches. I won't be playing your installments of these games any longer, just to let you know...have a good game.
    Hey I don't know if you forgot about my entry...or decided not to allow me after you already said I was accepted, but I am not on the list....I thought you'd fix it eventually....but looks like you did not.
    How do you manage the murder games? It's like hunger games...people die and the audience watches :)

    It is indeed very entertaining to watch (watching them argue and figuring out who the detective is when they should be figuring out who the murderer is). Do you mind if I make a discussion thread about the new one. You know, for the spectators to watch and such. I just wanna get your approval first.
    Hmmm, a two-season ban? Seems a little harsh on lil 'ol Dev, but oh well, didn't anticipate I'd only get 24 hours to post lol, since it wasn't in the rules...(Or really clear, lol)
    I'm not disputing anything, just probably something you might want to fix :p

    I also apologize for anticipating any person dropping from the game, since that was my part of the deal that I failed to uphold.
    Hey, Pikalax, just to let you know, I won't be on next Monday-Thursday. Camp. So if your looking for me at Murder, that's where I'm at.
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