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  • what natures entei and suicune are? and are they UT?.....I reduced the EVs on Mesprit, but it still has few EVs left and i'll have to wait for berries to grow.
    let me check if its UT or not......*after checking* its touched by one level, but i can easily remove those EVs, but may have 4 -5 EVs remaining on few of its stats....Its okay if you don't want it. thanks for considering it though.
    I got a bold Mesprit, may be touched a little........looking for a good shiny pokemon or legend (esp. Lugia)
    I have two snubbul, one of which I will trade. I had a chain going... of maybe five. :p Do you happen to have a shroomish you will trade for it? (level doesn't matter.)
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