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Last Activity:
Jun 7, 2008
Jul 1, 2006
Likes Received:
Apr 6, 1988 (Age: 32)
Shadow Moses Island
Student (That's not really a job)

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No hero. Never was., 32, from Shadow Moses Island

PikamasterADV was last seen:
Jun 7, 2008
    1. Advance/Amour-Shipper
      it's been a while, but we're still waiting. you blocked offline messages in AIM, so I can't send you a message. please come back!
    2. p96822
      Hello there
    3. DarkCookie
      The legend is dead. Goodbye PikamasterADV. You were an inspiration to us all. 7 years since you started wrting the original May's crush and even though I am pretty much done with pokemon as a whole(at least for now) I can't help but check up on your fanfic hopelessly wondering if you managed to ever finish it.. It's a disappointment to a lot of people but I respect your decision to drop it. I know this probably wont get read very much (if at all) but this is my way of finding closure. Closure to the best fanfic I ever read. Thanks for the ride.
    4. Wuster
      Pika, I really loved your stories. Even though you may not think of yourself as a hero, us advanceshippers think of you as an inspiration. Your stories were so life-like, it was almost like watching it actually happen. I really hope, if you dig deep down inside you can find something, anything to finish the next 2 chapters. I myself had taken a long hiatus from writing, and I am now refreshed, after watching the Manaphy movie! Your MC series had inspired me to write my own fic, and I'd really like to see yours finished. If you think it won't be good enough, or live up to the hype don't. You'll do a great job, and the main thing is it'll be something your proud of.
    5. EliteLugia
      man, ur first fanfic was rlly good, i have finished ur first in 2 days all the chaps, thats how gd it was. number 2 i was not cuz u did not continue on writing. when i read urs, that was like way long ago, like a year.
    6. PikachuPower
      dude i was wondering where you've been... i was really hoping you could finish up mc2 because its really amazing and i wanna see how it ends...
    7. pokeadvanceshipper
      YEP!!! MC2 is ownage - i like it for its plot!!!!
    8. Red Jr.
      Red Jr.
      I agree with Undead Soul. You're the best.
    9. Red Jr.
      Red Jr.
      Man, I agree with Undead Soul. Your the best.
    10. Undead_soul
      hi pikamaster. i have read ur fic, MC2: Final frontier and it's really good. i hope you get to write the last two chapter.

      Ur a real fantastic writer ^_^
    11. darkraiwanter100
      il trade a lvl 100 birth island deoxys AND a groundon for a darkrai
    12. shadowteridax
      hey pikamaster i seen ur advanceshipping stories n i gotta admit ur an awesome writer!keep up the good work.
    13. pokemon4eva
      Hey pikamasterADV u ok? just wanted to know your fav pokemon?
    14. Miss-ADV
      Hi how are you doing?
      You have on you profile, Shamed Hero, but why shamed?
      You're awsome, and a role model for many Advanceshippers, who want to become as great as you!
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  • About

    Apr 6, 1988 (Age: 32)
    Shadow Moses Island
    Student (That's not really a job)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Shamed Hero

    Pokemon, Writing, my lovely girlfriend. Not nessisarily in that order.


    And the Prequel: May's Crush
    My Fanfiction.net Profile
    Eternally an Advanceshipper
    It may be hard, but it's not impossible!​