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Jan 10, 2020
Dec 12, 2013
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pikamilk was last seen:
Jan 10, 2020
    1. Ghost94
      Hi, I have Koffing in a Heavy Ball if interested.
      1. pikamilk
        Oh I managed to get one in a Dream Ball :D
        Dec 13, 2019
    2. ohjeezitskim
      I don't have the charm XD I refuse to get it because I think shinies are far to common for me now! (Besides that Gligar hunt...ugh that Gligar)

      Oh my gosh xD you've been hunting that pokemon for what seems like FOREVER

      LOL he is going to be the biggest MVP of all time really xD I love all the fanart with him hahaha
    3. ohjeezitskim
      It was good! AND CHARMANDER DID NOT Dx I had 150 eggs and I think I hatch 130 in time for 12am, but no luck ):

      Yeah... elusive shinies... damn jerks they are! xD but pink shinies are great :3

      Lol I know! You know none of those people probably knew what to expect in the beginning because it's NU - the only things they knew are what they heard before they had to battle him xD but I seen the video you sent me and 2 minutes of the final round for champion!
    4. ohjeezitskim
      Thank you ^^ I have an hour and five minutes before it's my birthday here! But I got cake tonight since I'm not going to be home tomorrow since my boyfriend won free tickets to a good concert!

      Lol it does have a lot of good egg moves! And now you have all the good ones haha.

      And yeahh! I just seen the video, how the hell did he EV train it that it lived a stab super effective EQ multiple times?!
    5. ohjeezitskim
      Oh my gosh me too x3 I'm hoping under 1,000. But I'm going to collect eggs now since I'm hoping to get a birthday shiny for tomorrow! I want my Charizard *-*
      man, you must really like Buneary xD

      And I missed the whole thing today ): I've been waiting to watch them for a long time and i was out all day and it didn't even occur to me, I am so mad at myself! Hope they upload the semi-finals and finals. So mad! But I'll watch that video and at least I can say I watched one lol and pachirisu is something different to see!
    6. ohjeezitskim
      This specific one is Jolly. I have regular sets already for physical and special. I gotten a timid shiny Char through trade, but always wanted my own ID shiny Char, so i'm going to Jolly and since it's a shiny I went with a luxury. When in doubt, go luxury lol!

      And I haven't Dx I've been at a game shop all day and they don't have "customer" wifi. So I couldn't watch ): but I'm home now and twitch is open but just says will be right back lol - DAMN it's just TCG xD
    7. ohjeezitskim
      Yeah, it doesn't matter what ability this one hatches with xD although I did want to catch a female HA just to have that option lol.

      And maybe, I'd have to see it's moveset and actual stats first. I'm more into it have color matching / dream ball collection. I asked ashcrimson but we had trading problems lol.
    8. ohjeezitskim
      LOL no, I started MMing for Charmander x3 the shop is on the down low, so I have time for personal projects haha ( not that eevee wasn't a personal project lol)
    9. ohjeezitskim
      It's okay ^^ I'm going to try and get one with just the ditto (harder.. but I'll feel more accomplished if I get one with just ditto XD)
    10. ohjeezitskim
      I may bred twenty more... but then I want to get an Electrike too lol I thought it would be a lot less complicated because of the high IV parents... but NOPE!
    11. ohjeezitskim
      so you used a male HP ICE with the mother? I'm using an HP ICE ditto with a 5iv flawless eevee lol should I stick with the one that has the 28/29 in defense or keep trying x.x I feel like I won't get any better any time soon lol
    12. ohjeezitskim
      I'm messaging you here because it's separate from the PMs I guess xD but I went and tried to HP breed and out of 30 eevee, 8 had HP ice but all were missing one stat and it was a lower IV. Besides one.. it had 30/31 in everything but defense (that was 28/29) how long did it take you to breed perfect HP ones?? Or did you settle lol
    13. varanus_komodoensis
      Well thank you! I'm glad you think I'm nice :) I wish I had something more to give you but I recently put all of my breeding rejects on PokeBank so I didn't have anything left in my boxes that was worth anything. I do try to give people some nice breeding rejects when I have them sitting around, though.
    14. varanus_komodoensis
      Thank you so much! The Pokemon I have don't have anything useful on them. I'm sorry. I didn't have anything else. Also I completely lost that Lucarionite. I could not find it to save my life. I think I attached it to Mudkip in my head and then didn't do it in real life... it's like 2:30 AM here so you'll have to forgive me :/
    15. varanus_komodoensis
      So I misunderstood that you wanted an Aggronite and not a Charizardite Y :p
    16. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey pikamilk! I have your Dark Void Smeargle ready! It has EVs, since they're necessary to Sketch on a move. Let me know when you can trade!
    17. varanus_komodoensis
      Tomorrow I'll be available around 4 PM my time, in GMT -6. If that doesn't work for you, I'll probably be home early the rest of the week after tomorrow.
    18. varanus_komodoensis
      I got your King's Rock! :)
    19. varanus_komodoensis
      So my Enigma Berry crop, which I thought I took good care of, only gave me 2 Berries..... *sigh* It's going to be a looooooong week. I gave them some Amaze Mulch this time, so we'll see if that helps.
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