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  • Before you decide to post somewhere, please be sure to read the Rules of the forum you are posting in, okay? :)

    When you have found the right place, you will see a blue button near the top of the page that says New Thread. Click it, say what you want inside the text box, then hit the Submit New Thread button. I hope that helps. :)
    No worries, just as long as you make sure to read the Rules. :)

    Start by posting in the Newbie Lounge, as I said. You can go to the Clubs section and join a club that interests you. Otherwise, just post around, make sure you don't post SPAM, and you can send a VM to someone you've spoken to and say hi. Hope that helps.
    Hey there! If you have any questions, please refer to the Serebiiforums FAQ, and you can also post in the SPPf Help and Newbie Lounge. Please do not use the Report button again unless you actually see someone breaking the Rules (which we hope you have read). Thanks, and I hope this helps! :)

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