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  • Hey, do you mind if I ask you if you remember playing the online Japanese-only game Pokémon Garden?
    i know nothing about it
    Oh okay, thank you for replying
    Oh dude, lucky! What kind of contest? A raffle, found the most Easter eggs, answered most questions correct, etc type? I tried entering the Taco Bell PSVR contest last year several times, zero luck haha
    Like the Final Fantasy and Pokémon games, Persona is pretty much all standalone entries. There's a few fun cameos, but that's it. It's perfectly fine to start out with Persona 5 as your first in the series. You already have Mass Effect Andromeda and Horizon Zero Dawn though, so you might not have the time to play P5. I played it last year when it came out in Japan, and my very first run took me ~90hrs IIRC. My Japanese is at a 2nd grader level at most however, so you can probably take off 10-15hrs.

    And nice! The Uncharted games are really great and they're not that long (U4's the longest). You chose the best time to get a PS4 since it has so many games now. If only we'd had this conversation last week, I could have given you a 20% PSN discount I received from their email newsletter :(
    Question, do you have a free space in your AC town? I reently accidentally lost my Bertha villager and hoping she's able to be held for me if someone visits my town (her house is gone but can be sometimes obtained from town visits/streetpass believe). If you had a free space and wouldn't mind, it'd be super helpful if you could try and get her and hold her for me. However, I totally understand if doesn't work out.
    I guess it's something that can just happen. He's been hanging out on Main Street for multiple days now. I guess I had a better relationship with him than I thought.
    I-I think Quillson is visiting my town's Able Sisters. O.O

    I had no idea that was possible, but he's just chilling in there. Idk if same Quillson or not. He has the default appearance I think with his initial phrase. Did you change his phrase to ridukulous?
    cataloging is easy. Essentially we'd have to exchange fc's and then You'd have to bring me the dresser. I'd pick it up, give it back, and then I could order from T&T Emporium.
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