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Last Activity:
Jul 5, 2020 at 6:10 PM
Oct 24, 2006
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Pallet Town

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Putting up a Fight, Male, from Pallet Town

Sirfetch'D is the best Galar pokemon Nov 20, 2019

Pikasaur was last seen:
Jul 5, 2020 at 6:10 PM
    1. Ioneos
      Yeah, good captions are sometimes hard to come up with. But you can go to the caption the above avatar thread in the Games section. That's how I do most of mine :D
    2. Ioneos
      Probably. I need to change it...
    3. Ioneos
      Haha :D
      This new batch has a lot of good ones
    4. Ioneos
      Nice choice in avatar.
    5. The Oncoming Storm
      The Oncoming Storm
      Never even heard of that guy. I follow all of the creatures though. I can't wait till the creature hub is up and running!
    6. The Oncoming Storm
      The Oncoming Storm
      Sorry that was a bit out of left field. It's just that he is imo one of the greatest youtubers out there.
    7. The Oncoming Storm
      The Oncoming Storm
      I was just going through the youtube thread and I saw you liked SSoHPKC. Do you still watch him?
    8. Mevejuma
      Hey man, thanks for adding me =)
    9. EmiiLava
      thx 4 your help!
    10. EmiiLava
      hi, i have a question. when you encounter a shiny in colosseum, does it show it's shiny form when you encounter it, or does it show a green vibrava for an example not a red? Or do you indicate it by the sparkles/orbs? Or do you not know until it's purified in colosseum? thx so much! please reply soon! thx again!
    11. nightwing75
      thank you really appreciate it
    12. Metal Mania1321
      Metal Mania1321
      Are you interested in joining my Fallout club. I noticed a post you made saying you enjoy Fallout games, so care to join, I need members :P
    13. Brightning
      wanna have a battle?
    14. (s.i.e)
      no, the majority on cod black ops only. i played alot of games but i can't remember any games that use the same image system as blops as far as i know.

      speaking of AC brotherhood, i'm thinking of getting that game aswell, i played the previous part and liked it. how are the changes in AC brotherhood?
    15. (s.i.e)
      you see more male and female bodyparts on weapons in cod then anything else? surely it's just menth to serve as a jest, it's not the first time it happens, on counterstrike the players can upload an image and use it as spraytags on walls as their own logo, usualy it's things like funny pictures or standard crap but some decided to use (disgusting) pornagraphy as their tag for the fun and distract other players just like in cod.

      when counterstrike was new it was considered against the rules but also amusing, a player could get banned from the server for using spraytags like that though. i'm not sure if you can report players for having innapropiate content as their emblem in cod.
    16. (s.i.e)
      yeah, like nazi symbols and penisses etc. the maturityrate of the players on cod online was allways a little on on the low side that's very normal for any onlinegame that is popular. although i have seen some mighty creative ones too like hello kitty, awesome face and even shoop da woop faces. people are posting countless of tutorials on youtube explaining howto make that sort of stuff. it has has it's good sides so i can live with it.
    17. (s.i.e)
      believe me i'm not a big fan of zombies either:P it's fun to play it from time to time if you ask me but most of the time it's a tough nut to crack, my biggest problem are those players that steal kills from other players by covering already occupied windows with the intention to help, sadly they are constantly running around while the window he/she should protect becomes a free entrance to zombies who attack everyone in the back.

      i did have alot of fun playing together with the spec ops from MW2 though, i'd like to see more of that in the next cod game.
    18. (s.i.e)
      mw2? now that's something i can't get used to play with. too many hackers, boosters, & flamers in onlinematches. the most online fun i ever had with a cod game was with cod4, although outdated nowadays when it comes to features it was the cod game that i had the most fun with :)
      anyway it's good that you came to my profile to clear up this misunderstanding rather then to solve this matter in the thread down at alt vid section where two persons can't have a conversation without being interupted by a cloud of bored regulars which is a big problem there, i guess i was wrong about you.

      but hey you mentioned you played 3 cod games? just out of curiosity which ones if i might ask?

      i just saw it's your birthday today, congratulations man:)
    19. hitoshura0
      No, I evolved it when he hit 36, I guess I forgot to change the Smiley. Let me change that. Good Catch.
    20. Rommath
      Happy birthday pikasaur.
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