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    perfect match of avatar and user-title
    Thank you. =3 Nice to know someone likes it. ^_^
    In the user title thread yeah it is another way of saying cotton candy and i love your because chingling rocks and so does pac man
    pikasaur,I'm sorry...but whatever respect I had for you,I have now lost.

    Why?You said you hated Sceptile beacause "its ugly and weak".I will admit that Sceptile isn't one of the best looking pokemon out there,but when it comes to being weak,that is were you are sadly mistaken.

    Out of every starter pokemon,most,if,not all,are behind Sceptile when it comes to stats in general.Teach it Rock Slide,and it covers all of its weaknesses.Combine that with its killer speed (which is the highest out of all starter pokemon final forms),and it should clear out massive amounts of teams with no problem.

    Once again,I apologize...but I think that it's best for both of us if I blocked you (besides,you won't have to worry about me abusing you).
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