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Oh my gosh! So glad to meet you! I'm Pika, an apprentice at the guild! Eek! But does this mean someone else is reading my bio besides me?! Double-eek! Is someone sneaking a peek? Oh my gosh! How horrifying! Eeek!

*I'm like never on here anymore, but feel free to send a vm. I'll stop by sometimes .')

I love pokemon. My favorite genaration is 3 with sapphire/ruby/emarald.
My favorite legendary pokemon are: azelf, latias, kyogre, jirachi, celebi, mew, shaymin (sky forme), victini, keldeo, meloetta, regice, regirock, registeel, rayquaza, deoxys (attack form), dialga, manaphy, and Xerneas
(Aren't in order)
Favorite pokemon:
(Not in order, except the first four)

If you give a friend request, I will accept it because friends are good. So don't be shy.

I have officially declared right here that everyone is awesome! No need for a "friend list"! (Actually I got tired of updating it, so here we are)

I also give out friend requests at random, so yeah.

My favorite video games are:
Super mario sunshine
Paper mario the thousand year door
Pokemon (all of them)
Kirby airide
Mario party (all of them)
Mario kart double dash! (I am excellent at that

I took the character personality test on:
PMD: Cyndaquil
Castle in the sky: Sheeta
Quotev legendary pokemon: Latias
Playbuzz: Pikachu
Quotev kirby character: Dyna Blade

pokemon, pokemon, drawing, pokemon, kirby, pokemon, mario, and.......................POKEMON!
December 8
sharpedo bluff
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
Kirby ate it!
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
Ask and get!
exploring temporal tower


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