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  • I downloaded all 3 on my main 3DS and am currently playing through Blue! Haven't tried the others yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. I'll also buy one of the games on my other 3DS for trading in the future.

    Whether they're worth it or not really depends IMO. They were worth it for me because now I won't have to worry about my cartridges' internal batteries dieing and losing my save data. Plus, it gives me an excuse to finally do things I never did on my physical versions like completing the Pokedex. :p
    Yeah, I go to a university. I graduated from high school in 2011 and can't believe it's been nearly five years lol.

    I've been playing my main series games, Gens 3-6 for the most part. I mainly do things like breeding & raising Pokemon, the Battle Frontier/Maison/whatever, and finishing post-Elite Four things on the Black 2 playthrough I started last summer.
    I'm going to be playing through the Gen 1 games again when they come to the 3DS later this month.

    Glad you're having fun with Colosseum! My friend and I played the Colo/XD games at her house back when they were new and enjoyed them, even though we were pretty bad at the games back then. ^^;
    I got a used copy of Colosseum a few years ago to get Ho-Oh for my Gen 3 games.
    I'm very busy with school this semester, have a lot of work to do.
    But here I am getting distracted/slacking off...

    How are you doing?
    It's ok I understand about it. You don't have to be sorry about it :) Well I was playing with my Pokemon black 2 on my 3DS and I'm playing it today. Really they do ? What are they ? French fries ? Certain foods give me heartburn as well your not the only one here. :)
    Lol, I got a warning for my efforts though.. Slight mishap in breaking a rule I forgot existed.. Oh well.

    Funny, I prefer the originals to the remakes. Besides obligatory nostalgia feels, there's the sense that I strive for perfection far too often in Pokémon games. I.e. DP was the last time I went without double checking natures, resulting in stuff like a Calm Infernape and a Bold Lucario.. I think that change of perspective happened when I saw I sent over some critters from LeafGreen to Diamond and I realized that a Sassy Raichu really isn't good at anything it supposed to be good at. GSC to me, are games that I can play without having to worry about anything, no natures, no abilities, no IV's. There were EV's, but I don't bother with them in GSC.

    I mean, I've been playing Omega Ruby for 500+ hours and I have arrived at the Pokémon League but haven't faced the E4 yet.

    Part of that is the goal that I set: Capture all GenIII pokémon (in a regular Pokéball) and pokémon with a new Mega Evolution (in a Premierball) and train them equally and in a manner that would be viable competitively. So, I've now captured/obtained every GenIII-critter available in the story thusfar (excluding Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi and Deoxys) and I still need to breed a Lileep with a Corsola for Recover, I still need to train the Mega Evolutions that I was only recently able to capture and bred (Weedle, Pidgey, Slowpoke, Audino) and I'm still in the process of breeding the perfect (yes, perfect) Buneary and Onix, which I'd then need to train to level 55, before I'm convincing myself to beat the league.

    I only recently went overboard with IV's though.. and I've realized that I shouldn't.
    Dodgeball was one of the few sports I didn't mind in Gym class. I was never good at hitting people, but I was often very good at dodging.
    In elementary school, my friend and I always promised to never hit each other at all. XD
    Hiii there. :) I'm doing fine here right now. I got this heartburn from eating pizza and I can't take the summer heat even that is May. Plus I was playing with my game. How about you ?
    That's all so cool! I think I watched some basketball during the last summer Olympics, and would probably watch it during the next Olympics if I happened to see it on TV (the Olympics makes every sport exciting to me!)
    Other than that, basketball reminds me too much of my days in gym class lol.
    I am in Canada, on the coast without all the snow this year. ;)
    It's unfortunately not too spring-like today, though, since it's really rainy.
    Not really crashed, but it was down for a few days, all posts made during that time was lost. There is more information here.
    My seeing eye dog has informed me that you are the best in this business. I would like to recruit you to the Glaceon Squad, the top team on this website.
    ****ing nigro arab money he's realy bad don't listen to him he prob has the worst team in this tourney i hlead best don't listen to him join my team
    hey there I'm Nick Saban, your Pokemon knowledge has obviously been overlooked by other recruiters, but I'd like to have you. If you're interested in playing for us, then hop on down to tuscaloosa
    hey i run the team flying flygons and if u want i can pick u up on my team wut tiers you play big girl ;)
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