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  • Ex's, star cards, dark, light, sp's, lv.X's anything that was really hard to come by, but even some of the ex's aren't worth that much so be careful, holo's aren't worth much unless they had value at the time, or we're really hard to come by yes, but most usually no.
    Profesco moved it to the close thread container, he said:

    That's very kind of you, but this is a discussion forum, not a game forum.
    You might want to try a more organized Competition. Be aware that its a bad idea to make the questions IN the thread because we can see each others answers. Try hosting the competition by PM, assuming your willing to put that much time into such a thing. Also, have a clear Scoring rubric.
    Make a sign-up thread though.
    Did you see this?
    Make sure you have enough time & effort for this.
    Make question in advance.
    Make a rubric first, so there's no dispute on how to grade answers.
    Make a sign up thread, specifying all rules, & a limit of participants if needed. you'll need a form, something like:

    Reason for Participation:
    Once you get enough participants in said thread, make a post saying who was accepted, best as first come, first serve. Then ask a moderatot to close the thread. Forward the quiz to all the people who joined, as simultaneously as possible, to not give anyone a big advantage or disadvantage.
    The make a new thread show the people who made it to round two, what criteria was used, ETC.
    Rinse & repeat.
    1: yes i have caught 2 shiny pokemon.
    2: my first version i played was yellow version
    3: my favorite pokemon is nidoqueen
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