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  • Well, I won't spoil the upcoming episodes for you if you haven't had a chance to see the previews and spoil yourself, but let's just say I'm on cloud nine right now. :D

    And on that note... How are you? ^_^
    Yeah. I don't care if it's cliche, it's the truth anyways. hehe.

    Indeed. I totally agree with you, I want to see Misty back again, not just Misty, but all those companion who have been through with Ash, pretty much the the characters from Bw and the older arc, ( I feel XY is still fresh from the departing episode last year but it would be nice to see them in specials as well.)
    Oh you're welcome! And I used it because it was different compared to the others, plus the image of Lillie and Vulpix is so cute ^_^
    I'm glad someone understands. thank you and I definitely agree. Sometime we have improve but us ourselves might not notice it. and yes, you're right. It's better to have room for improvement for us to grow.

    Yes, most fans even non shippers used to say that term : Nostalgic for Pokeshipping. I can't deny it. I miss them so much T^T
    I expect Gladion will be introduced as an antagonist of sorts, or at least as an antagonistic rival to Ash. I see no reason why anime Gladion wouldn't be working for Team Skull right now.

    I may just cry if Ash doesn't get Rockruff. It's such a perfect Pokémon for him!
    Given how different teenaged Gladion looks from the little boy in the photo (and not just because the Edgelord rarely smiles and wears all black), I would actually be surprised if Ash did recognize him. His design is similar enough that the audience would recognize him, but it's logical that characters within the show might not recognize him.

    The fact that I was able to predict that is probably a sign that either I watch too much anime or I watch too much Pokémon. ^_^; But it is nice when my predictions turn out to be accurate. Now I'm just hoping that my prediction for SM15 is accurate (Ash getting Rockruff).

    In order to keep from exceeding the character limit for a VM, I will send you a PM with my answers to your graphic design questions, if that's all right with you.
    I suspect Ash will first meet Gladion when Lillie is not around. Although the anime has already revealed they're siblings, that doesn't mean Ash will recognize Gladion if/when he first meets him. Also, I think it would be more interesting if Ash had a few encounters with Gladion before he realizes he's Lillie's brother.

    Before SM14 aired, I predicted Alolan Vulpix would stall Team Rocket by using Powder Snow to freeze them, and Ash (and Mallow) would arrive on the scene either to find TR frozen or just in time to see Bewear appear out of nowhere and take them away. My predictions more or less came true, although not quite in the way I'd predicted. I did like how Ash played the knight in shining armor (which I'd suspected he would--he has Chronic Hero Syndrome, after all :p ), but in a way that didn't steal the spotlight from Lillie. Rowlet deserves a gold star for its last-second save!

    Lillie and Shiron are too adorable for words! Their relationship has the potential to be as adorable as Ash and Pikachu's relationship. I'm looking forward to Lillie's growth as a Pokémon Trainer.

    Also, I see Studio Satomine has produced some cool new graphics! ^^ They're really cute~ You've really got a knack for it. :D Speaking of: Could I ask you for some advice about graphic stuff? If you don't mind, of course ^^
    Thank you very much! ^_^ Of course you can ask me for graphic art advice; I don't mind at all! Ask away!
    [You ninja'd me in the Shippers Truth or Dare thread I was on mobile which meant it took longer to get my post together so I had to delete my post]
    Lusamine was an effective villain, which is why I hope the anime adapts her character. And yes, I love the way Lillie's and Gladion's characters were developed. I hope the anime shows Gladion's softer side when it comes to Lillie, including those rare smiles of his. Despite his Edgelord attitude, he really cared about and seemed quite protective of Lillie.

    I saw your Amour and Poke banners! They're super cute!! ^_^ I look forward to see whatever else you'll create for Valentine's (if you do) :D
    Thank you! Right now, I'm focused on any potential Lillie and Vulpix moments we might get in SM14 (I'm sure I'll go screenshot-capture crazy), but hopefully, I'll be inspired to create another Valentine's Day themed banner soon. But you can definitely expect at least one Lillie and Vulpix banner from Studio Satomine in the near future. ;)

    I also gotta say I really like your current banner, it's really sweet. Those three have the cutest dynamic going. ♥
    Thank you!! ^_^ I'm quite fond of it, if I do say so myself. :p Yeah, the dynamic between Ash, Pikachu, and Rowlet is really sweet, and I absolutely love that shot of Ash and Pikachu laughing (and Rowlet just looking kind of confused).
    I agree, Lillie's character and storyline were amazing. I felt myself rooting for her, and I was ready to punch Lusamine in the face because of the things she said--not only to Lillie, but also to Gladion (another character who I think was handled quite well). The writers had better not mess up this golden opportunity.

    And omg, it would be super amazing if you did decide to do banner for Valentine's. (≧▽≦) Your graphics are really cute!
    Thank you!! >^_^< I have already created a couple Amourshipping banners and a Pokéshipping banner (which I'll post in the appropriate shipping threads soon). Valentine's Day always seems to get the muses going, so we'll see what else I end up creating. Maybe I'll try to do a Pearlshipping banner, and I would love to do an Aureliashipping banner if I can find screenshots that work.
    Good to see you back! I was starting to wonder if maybe you'd decided Serebii was too crazy for you. :p

    After SM08, I'm super excited at the possibility of the anime actually adapting the game's plot. I mentioned this in the SM08 discussion thread (I don't know if you've had a chance to read that thread), but I was not expecting the anime to reveal Lusamine or Gladion this early, and especially not give away their familial relationship to Lillie; but this pretty much confirms that they'll appear later on.

    I really hope Lillie ends up being a permanent, or least recurring, travel companion for Ash. If the anime adapts her game storyline, then she has the potential to be one of the best developed Pokégirls in the series. I really enjoy her character in the game, and I hope the anime does her justice.

    Right now, I'm just chiming in to the discussions. I'm a fan of Aureliashipping (romantic or platonic), but I'd rather not commit myself to any ship. But assuming what kind of Ash x Lillie moments we get in SM14, you may see an Aureliashipping banner or two from me for Valentine's Day. :p
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