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  • Hey, Pikawho?, I just wanted to let you know, as you were one the few people on here I'd consider a friend that, as soon as my trade-backs for the two pokemon I need go through on here, I'll be leaving for good. This place has become so...hateful. I just can't stand it anymore. It's almost as bad as the messageboard I was at before coming here, and that's saying a lot.

    Again, thank you for being a friend, and goodbye.
    I remember that phase of attack against Pokémon. Hahahah

    Ironically, I don't listen to a lot of music. Lol It's weird. I enjoy playing music and singing all types of songs, and yet I don't listen to a ton of it. It's an oxymoron. Hahaha
    Lol I've been a trainer since first generation. :p I'm looking forward to a Hoenn remake though. That'd be awesome.

    And yeah, I was in band all throughout middle school and high school. But I also come from a family with a musical background, so music did come pretty naturally to me. :) Guitar is totally gonna be my next instrument. :p I want to master the piano first though. Lol
    I agree. I like how they forced us to use the new Pokes. Made it easier to learn them. And Hoenn is still my favorite. I'm extremely biased since that was my first gen but ah well. =p

    The Saxaphone is pretty cool. Did you play in a school band? And totally learn the guitar! It scores points with the ladies. lol Although I'm trying to learn it purely to cover songs by my favorite groups. lol
    Oh yeah, so many Pokémon from Unova that I like. Mienfoo, Chandelure, Haxorus, Samurott, Braviary, Reuniclus, the list goes on and on. I love how they did sort of a reboot and made it a bunch of brand new Pokémon until post game, and then they gave us a continuation of the stories with Black 2/White 2. And I love the map too. Unova and Hoenn are my favorite maps to play through out of all of the Pokémon games so far. Actually, Kalos is a great map too, but like we said earlier, the story was a but lackluster, and it feels like they could've added more new Pokémon too. I also feel that some Mega Evolutions could've just been regular evolutions like for Medicham and Mawile.

    And besides piano, I play saxophone and sing. I'm thinking about learning guitar too.
    I also just really like the region in 5th gen. Plus, they introduced a ton of new Pokémon that I really like.

    A music therapist is employed privately or by psychological facilities in order to come in and play music, teach music, sing, etc. as a form of psychotherapy for a patient. The general recipients of the therapy are those with impaired motor, social, or mental abilities, and the music is a way for them to learn, connect, and interact and to learn new skills or regain lost ones.
    Lol I never could escape Pogeymanz, I've always been a fan. Fifth gen has been my favorite so far. This generation felt like they beautified everything, but it also felt incomplete.

    Congrats on your degree and finding a good job too! That's pretty difficult to do these days. And I'd say that making sure people don't die is pretty important. Haha

    I'm now studying music therapy. I was going for psychology before, and I actually learned about music therapy through the psych program at my school. I changed for a couple reasons. I find music much easier to pick up on than psych because I have a background in music. I've played instruments and sung but I stopped after high school. I recently took up piano again though, and I took some music courses for fun this semester and found myself interested in all of the music theory and everything again. I do still have an interest in psychology although music comes much easier to me, so I decided to switch focuses to music therapy because it's a field where music and psych overlap. :p

    Also, after reading your sig, it occurs to me that you and I probably first met on here through the forum's Christian club. :D
    Things have been well. :) Yeah, the release of X/Y rekindled something in me and made me nostalgic for the forums. Haha

    Congrats on graduating! What's your degree in? Mine is still in progress. I changed majors a couple times and fell behind unfortunately. :/ Oh well, I'll get there soon enough. At least one of us has had success so far. :p What do you do now that you're done with school?
    Hey, Pika! I hadn't logged onto the forums in a while, but I'm back for now. Lol I'm just wanting to make contact with everyone I made friends with before and catch up and see if anyone even remembers me. Hahah I hope you've been well, and hope to hear back from you. :)

    P.S. I guess I'm just using the same generic message to everyone I'm writing too. :p I don't mean it to be rude, it's just that there are a lot of people to catch up with.
    Yes, that is mostly what my nutrition class has been about. I am taking things like Epidemiology and Biostatistics. In a couple weeks, I take Environmental Health and something called Health Behavior Theory. The classes are online, and are 8 weeks long each. I could be a Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Certified in Public Health, and more when I finish the degree. I would really like to use my training and knowledge in Missions too.

    It's awesome that you actually have a relevant job! This economy is crazy today, and hard for people in their 20's... There is a lot of competition out there. Today, I am going to talk to an editor of a local Christian Magazine who has an interesting job opportunity as a customer service rep. I would be getting businesses to advertise in the magazine and maybe write some articles. Also, I am going to try for Substitute Teaching. They are both like side income, but something good while on the search for a career.

    Froakie reminds me of a ninja, so I think he may be a speedy frog. He even throws bubble foam like shuriken!
    Master of Public Health in Nutrition. It is a study on keeping populations healthy. It can even be useful for missions. Nutrition is growing field in the USA, and more men are needed in that job too. :) Playing video games can be healthy! I just had an interview as a Health Inpector on Tuesday. I pray it went well. It felt like it was a good one.

    What are you studying?

    I pre-ordered Y version, but I will eventually have both. I considered the legendary in my choice too. Yvetal looks cool. I am thinking of Froakie as my starter.
    Yes, my masters degree is online so I have a lot of time on the computer. I just check up on here some. I waste a lot of time on the X/Y discussions :p
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