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  • Pikawho?! I decided to take some of my time to post around the forums some. I will help on the Christian Alliance a bit until I am busy again.
    Yes that's true since a lot of people in our age group are in collage or working. Anyways, that topic was inspired by a fanfic I am writing which has Christian themes in it. And being a fan of Pokémon and a Christian, I always wondered what pokemon would they bond with back then if our world somehow had pokemon from the beginning. I watched the 12th pokemon movie too and that era in the past that Ash and co. went looks like the times that Jesus lived in in the real world.
    HEY! Ever thought about joining Pokemon Royal Rumble? You should check it out!

    If you join please be sure to check out the rules!
    He and I have been together exactly a month today. We go on dates, talk on the phone, and play on our PS3s together. Yesterday, we were playing this weird Sims MMORPG type thing they have and this woman comes up to us right out of the blue and asks him if he wants to have sex with her. He starts yelling "STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!" until she leaves. I laughed so hard. It was nuts. I mean, who just walks up to people and asks that?
    Life's been pretty good. My Circadian Rhythms are back where they should be (sleep at night, awake at day), I'm on Christmas Break (BIG relief, as my Uni cancelled Spring and Fall breaks. Stupid, in my opinion), and I've got a boyfriend now, so at least I'm not "FOREVER ALONE" for now, at least.
    Hey, Pikawho? Been a while. I have to say, I love your sig pic (though you've had it for a while). Every time I see the "chips" part, I giggle a bit. It is so cute, and now, seeing your profile picture (Arthur Kills a Hobo for His Clothes!) I've had a nice, hearty lol. Nice talking to you again, friend. :)
    Hey pikawho how are ya,
    i want to now now if you have the new super mario game for the 3ds,
    and i you have it, can you say what your thoughts are of that game.
    i think its a rather fun game but with 1 flaw, you cant get an game over because of all the easy ways of getting lives (got to world 3 and got like 200 lives) and that makes the game a bit too easy.
    and you?
    i gonna get both versions of pokemon black and white 2.
    and this time i go and choose snivy and for the first time for me i gonna play as the girl charterer.
    hey, pikawho long time not spoken.
    how is it with you, good i hope.
    and i have good news, afther haved lost my pokemon games for a vew months, i got it back (5 months) and started playing my pokemon white again afther a long time where i left of, training my pokemons and when i got in a 2 vs 2 wild fight i encountered a shiny golduck.
    i was very glad it hapened the day i got my game back (afther al i couldt play it in a long time) and i was realy supriced i dint expected it,
    so i catched it and now i got a shiny golduck in my collection of my own caught shinys (and it is my 3th random encounered shiny, the other 2 bieng purrlion and a sentret) is that lucky or not.
    i am glad to have spoken you again and hope your doing fine.
    GREETZ Dr.d.
    Eh, it wasn't too bad. Kinda chaotic at the end, though.

    I'm mostly trying to find another job for the summer right now, chilling at home, and going to this awesome new college ministry. I'm hoping they keep doing this after summer ends, cause the first meeting was awesome.
    Lol, I'm glad you're enjoying your summer. I'm mostly just trying to relax before I start college next semester. I don't really have a consistent job right now, still trying to find one. But yeah, I'm loving summer break and being out of school. :D
    Haha, thanks a bunch! I actually got "hired" a couple of weeks ago, mostly helping around the competitive section.

    Hey, but it's been a while. How's it going?
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