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Last Activity:
Nov 23, 2009
Jan 5, 2008
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Back in Blue?, from Breeding in Solaceon Town

Pimplup784 was last seen:
Nov 23, 2009
    1. PokeProMaster
      Yeah i no, very dissapoiting about chelsea. We still have the champions league to aim for which is on wednesday! i cant wait.

      Also, i just had a wifi battle which went successfully in my favour ;)
    2. phantom1113
      btw pimplup, did I see you on shoddy uber battle ladder?
      num 70 or somethng
    3. phantom1113
      Call your swellow/infernape/raikou/breloom after me
    4. PokeProMaster
      Ahh good luck with it all. I really cant be bothered to think up a standard team right now so ive gone back to my old favourites, roulette, but because hardly anyone plays roulette, i now play that only MY TEAM gets rouletted. Its still fun but very challenging at times. Specially when ive got a bunch of UU's against the standard 6!
    5. PokeProMaster
      Hey, hows it going. I aint been battling much lately and, well, yesterday i had my first wifi battles for around a month or so.

      How about your self.

      I feel a bit rusty lol.
    6. phantom1113
      nah you don't have to ;)
      nobody knows me as phatom anymore anyway xD
    7. phantom1113
      HAI PIMPLUP. I called my Empoleon after you :O
    8. Mewx
      Indeed it is, young one.
    9. Volteon
      Oh, sorry, didn't reply to your last message >_<
      Well, I've already transfered Azelf, and I'm already using it in battle =P
      Anyways, when you want a IV battle, PM me and I may give one to you.
    10. Volteon
      Not EXACTLY now... hummm ... or maybe now too! =P if you agree on sending a Pokémon from my Diamond to Pearl =D
      I'm about to send this Azelf to Pearl, but for this, I'll need GTS and GTS isn't the safest place to transfer Pokémon.
      You agree? =)
    11. Mewx
      Not as in the whole ''Yo momma'' thing.
      Cause that phailz.
      Reread the disscussion?
    12. Volteon
      Will have another?
    13. Pimplup784
      OK!! Let me go dress. And I'll come back.
    14. Volteon
      Little delay, but how about NOW!?
    15. Volteon
      "Team Galatic Nap Room"
      "Ensure the bed is unoccupied before getting into it!"
      I loled when I saw that in the game XD Sig was empty, so decided to put it there =P

      Thanks for the message! Would never expect this ^^

      EDIT: Ah and I'll be ready to do the IV battle ;D
    16. Mewx
      Your mother.
    17. Mewx
      *Pokes head*
    18. Pimplup784
      Thanks a lot!! See you Saturday. I'll probably see you before though:p.
    19. Volteon
      Okay! Sure Saturday I'll be better! Good luck still in the Eevees!
    20. Volteon
      Yeah, sure! well, congrats!
      And sorry, but I'll have to refuse it now x_x
      Not really in the mood =( Sorry again. also very sleepy because I could only sleep today at 5 AM and had to wake up at 9 AM.
      I must learn how to sleep >_<

      EDIT: ah, and the one I tried was the bulky one =p
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    Breeding in Solaceon Town
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Jazz, Video Games, Reading, Writing


    Pimplup is battling again:eek:!!
    Record: W: 12/L: 11
    Test Battle
    Last Match: Pimplup 0-darkcrobat 2
    Good Battle:D!! I predicted like a floundering fish:(.
    FC: 2664 1697 8539
    **Need RMT Help? Drop me a PM.**
    [​IMG]I will climb...
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