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Pink Harzard
Last Activity:
Mar 12, 2015
Oct 25, 2013
Likes Received:
Mystic Village

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Pink Harzard

So majestic, from Mystic Village

Pink Harzard was last seen:
Mar 12, 2015
    1. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Alright, Ms. Pink Hazard, I thought I had figured the situation in your battle against Trot Away but it all seems jumbled to me for some reason, maybe because I'm a bit rusty or whatever but that is the case. If you and Trot do not mind, could we re-start the battle?
    2. TheCharredDragon
      I don't remember how reacted to seeing it. XD But I definitely saw ot before I even played Black 2, so yeah. You have a point though.

      All right. :3 Oh, finally posted. I hope you're okay with it (I bunnied Kendra a little). X/ I thought it'd be more dramatic.
    3. Nitocrys
      Thanks! Your match is up btw, best of luck.
    4. Nitocrys
      saw your ref queue post. Since I'm ungraded, I have to ask for permission n all, so:

      May I ref your match vs Prince Umbreon?
    5. TheCharredDragon
      For some reason I had the thought that Zeru wouldn't be scared, but Sepheus would attack him. XP ... Nah. Maybe not. XD
    6. TheCharredDragon
      Yay! XD I'll try getting a post in a few hours (10 minutes before electronics cerfew, then have dinner, than sleep. XP). Can't wait! XD
    7. TheCharredDragon
      Yup. That sounds good. XD Expect growling on Sepheus's side and unexpected fpashing eyes. XP
    8. TheCharredDragon
      YEEEEES! But seriously, yes. XD That'd be so. Much. FUN! 8D She'd scream, her Cubcho will try to attack, and a bunch of shenanigans will happen. XD
    9. TheCharredDragon
      Why not? Zeru's currently in the Pokémon Center. I was thinkin' maybe the second (or third) floor. It has a balcony. I was thinkin' the PKMN Center'd be more luxurious than most. I mean, Undella Town's a resort after all. XD
    10. TheCharredDragon
      Ops. Actually, I already posted in the thread where Zeru is: in Undella Town, Unova. XP But I can have her travel to Haoj since she wants to go to another region, to escape her past.
    11. Pink Harzard
      Pink Harzard
      Okay, I will place it in the ref queue
    12. Prince Umbreon
      Prince Umbreon
      Sure, I'm just starting out so I'm not picky about opponents. ^^
    13. Buuz
      Oh dat deed ze binnen een uur na die date al. En we appen sindsdien gewoon door. Heb haar geadviseerd met een kledingprobleempje (verkleurd jurkje) en we luisteren nu naar elkaars muziek. Ik naar dance, zij naar stevige rock.
    14. Buuz
      Nou, ik ben weer terug. Ze zag er echt leuk uit maar ik weet niet hoe het nu verder gaat lopen. Volgens mij heb ik haar afgeschrikt.
    15. Wolfaotic
      That's good.
    16. Buuz
      Ze appt net dat ze aanlopen. Ik ben weg!! :D
    17. Wolfaotic
      How are you?
    18. Buuz
      Dus het ligt gelukkig niet aan mij. Dan vraag ik me toch af waarom mijn date van vandaag nog niks laat horen over hoelaat we afspreken.
    19. Buuz
      Vrouwen... Met alle respect maar soms zijn ze totaal niet te volgen.
    20. Wolfaotic
      Greetings, someone that I've never spoken to. :)
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  • About

    Mystic Village
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Uh... no.
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I have a almost-dead DS lite and a DS3D and a DS3D XL so I trade with myself. I have Internet and use Pokémon Bank on my DS3D. Sadly I have internet issue on my DS3D so battles and trades aren't possible at the moment. My main game is X and Alpha Sapphire and my fc is on X Xandra and on AS Victoria.

    But about me, well uhm, where to start?
    I'm Dutch. You know, that little country in Europe, the Netherlands. I speak Dutch, English and German. I understand a tiny bit Spanisch but not much.

    I'm currently doing an Eco & Wildlife studies.

    My favorite types of Pokémon are the Grass types and the Dragon types. However, my big favorite is Scyther because that is the first Pokémon I saw when waching Pokémon for the first time.

    I'm a bit obsessed with things that have to do with Scotland. I've had a lot of vacations there and I did internship at the Scottish Wildlife Trust. I also like the typical Scottish things like haggis, Irn Bru and bagpipe music.

    I'm currently writing a PMD fanfic; Forgotten Nightmares. Take a look if you are interested.

    Some facts for the fact lovers
    Real life name: [REDACTED]
    Age: 23 at this moment
    Gender: Female
    Favourite Pokémon: Scyther of course
    Favourite Legendary: Suicune (You thought Darkrai? He is in second place)
    Pokémon I dislike: None
    Clubs I'm currently member in: The Fan Fiction Maffia. The Revived Prehistory Club
    Favourite Spin-off game: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky.

    (more gets added)

    Thank you for reading this big amount of information and have a good day ^^
    ~Pink Harzard

    Handheld games, nature, ecosystems


    ;123; Claimed Scyther ;123;


    PASBL explained
    Prologue and chapter one posted. Draft chapter two in production
    Banner, Button and Profile Picture made by Astral Shadow. Thanks a lot ^^