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  • It all has to do with your router and less to do with the video game system. My 3DS XL never has issues. I manually set up my settings though because the automatic settings would have problems if I tried to get on the internet with it more than one time in a day.

    Also, I'm going to bed now because I have to work later. You probably should also since its almost 11 PM for you.
    After looking up who I faced since I had that person friended in game already it turns out their internet acted up. It was someone from my personal clan.
    I just had a battle. I was up 5-2 and about to be 4-1 because my Talonflame was going to Brave Bird which would KO his 5th Pokemon while Talonflame would get KO'd be recoil. The opponent disconnected at that point. I wish they would have just hit run though. Its much more polite than simply disconnecting. It wasn't even a rated battle.
    I started with a huge advantage over most of the other candidates for the position because I already know and do many of the things a customer service manager does. Management has been trying to get me into a leadership position for a while so it might finally be time. There was even a time once when the manager had to have me go up to the front and deal with a situation because they were checking in a vendor so couldn't leave that area and the customer service manager was on break. Having that level of trust is big.

    Off topic, if you are interested, I do have a spare 4 IV Dratini.
    My interview went well. I does help that I used to interview people all the time online so I know how to answer basically any question. I still don't like the type of questions they ask though. Its the ones that are "Tell me about a time when blah blah blah." I really think for this type of position it should be them giving you a scenario and having you describe what you would do in the situation.
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