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  • As a result of inactivity between July 15 and the time of this message, your claim on Buneary on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Stopped playing that ages ago, unfortunately. Well, it only got neglected because you went inactive, I believe.
    thank you very much pinkpalikia I understand we can be busy...good luck on hunts whenever you get the time ; 3
    thanks...yeah already address the no bash opinion rule already...getting really annoyed with everyone negativity...its been clearing up lately though...i really love the color purple though but understand how much you love pink though ; 3
    good, i just started a general shiny disscussion like you said...i wanted to have a general disscussion istead of going back and forth all the time with the diffrent generation forums...also i wanted more disscussion for like just general shiny talk for like stories and everything...just been managing the thread mostly and shiny feebas hatching...mad lots of new friends on the forum too...yeah got the horsea from nakashima she traded me the shiny horsea...was like over 1000+ eggs...had to stop due to my vacation so i got back and she offered it and i took it...
    hey pinkpalkia, how you been doing?...haven't heard from you in awhile...been shiny hunting for shiny feebas...270 eggs and still going?...have been shiny hunting lately?..
    oh you know, breeding timid larvestas with no luck so far on the IVs xD oh well, the glory of playing fairly feels good though :) i hope you find yur pen :)

    I'll be posting sometime tonight or tomorrow morning with all the art so everybody can vote. Just wanted to say since ya asked~
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