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Last Activity:
Oct 20, 2011
Mar 16, 2011
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Artiste Forme., from Hogging Caitlin's Bed

PinkPalkia was last seen:
Oct 20, 2011
    1. Arsène
      I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the...wait.

      Stash of what? Pineapple, Mango?
    2. Arsène
      Business, Palkia, Business.

      Bleh, you probably should...
    3. Arsène
      It was laced with cyanide, actually.

      There, there - you'll break out of it eventually, right? Right? o:
    4. Arsène
      I'll be sure to lay a bouquet of flowers at your grave.

      Practice less time on the computer, perhaps...might correct that habit of yours. I was like that at one point but began doing more constructive things off of the internet to keep my occupied.
    5. Arsène
      Are you /sure/ that's water? -shifty eyes-

      Well, I already gave you a rest suggestion, so...
    6. Arsène
      In this case, I'll toss gasoline into it.
    7. Arsène
      Redundant meme is redundant.
    8. Arsène
      You have a confusing signature, lol.
    9. Arsène
      "You need permission to access this item.

      You are signed in as *beeepmyemail*, but you don't have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or sign-in as a different user. Learn more

      Request access Sign in as a different user

      Now what is this? Broken signature link, is whatttt.
    10. Arsène
      Be patient, sometimes that's the key.

      Well, I wouldn't be too surprised, you post quite a lot and well known people generally garner more attention - the guilty truth of these forums.
    11. Arsène
      Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder.

      Well, whether it's on or not, doesn't actually have an effect on the game, so it's up to you, honestly. :x
    12. Arsène
      Do away with the impression. I don't have a group of highly trained ninjas holding anyone up at shuriken-point forcing them to RNG. I'm however, tired of silly children complaining about it when it's a very valid method of obtaining shinies and/or perfect Pokemon.

      Your "crap" has artistic value; perhaps.
    13. Arsène
      Your art thread needs more replies; I really don't get what's up - everything looks nigh perfect with your pen skills. Can't understand why nobody's posting.

      Are you still assuming I'm trying to "convert" people? >_>
    14. Arsène
      Oh, I'm well aware about those kinds of people. And well, I suggest taking a break for now, if you don't mind. Clearly it's having some adverse effects on you.
    15. Arsène
      Told you that you're overdoing it. Someone needs a vacation from drawing, if you ask me.

      Bleh, horoscopes.
    16. Arsène
      Seems the serebiidiots are in full force in the Shiny thread. It's no wonder they're made fun of on Smogon, lol.

      Anyway, how's you?
    17. MidnightMelody
      Love the music
    18. MidnightMelody
      I started with BN 3 too. I'm replaying all 6 titles now
    19. Arsène
      Figured as much. Also, have fun.
    20. Arsène
      Drink 15 cans of Red Bull and give me the results.

      ...if you can.
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    Hogging Caitlin's Bed
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I edit Maple avatars and draw Pokemon.

    Traditional Art