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  • haha :). Yes i am.

    Boxings very tough. Requires A lot of going through pain, strong concentration, hardwork dedication and it's intense when in fights. (Not had actual fights i'm still perfecting basics). It's refreshing, fun doing, and It's a nice learning experience e.g techniques and doing different exercises/strength conditioning. When im in the gym i feel like an insane machine lool. And i do agree it's different in the uk, most people are into football. I do remember when carl froch vs George groves happend and that sold out the wembley football stadium, was one hectic atmosphere. Oh? really? Maybe you'd be the one healing me if i receive any injuries. And yeah i am a huge fan of the pokemon anime, no other animes.

    Im feeling tired 2 now
    Oh I see,well I spent some time in the caribbean its really nice.Basically thats the only place I travelled to.
    I cant find my 3DS but a soon as I find it Ill add you and we both will be registered.Your only seeing a silhouette right?When I add you back youll get my Mii.
    yeah. It's great speaking to people about something whom have the same interest like you do :)
    That reminds me of my little cousins and niece all watching frozen and singing away on the smart TV.
    Check my about me section btw
    Yea it does *A big extra warm hug* hope you feel better :)
    No I havent,I looked it up.
    I see,so do you ever feel like going somewhere else because it seems you spent like 23 years there right?
    I see you love warm hugs,me too especially when its cold lol.
    Wow you're lucky to live in East Sussex,its such a beautiful place and it even has the chalk hill figure of the long man.How amazing ^_^
    Alright, Lilly. :)

    No, not weird at all. I wish you were my girlfriend. You're so sweet.

    Ooh, nice. Another one who doesn't love Jessie. :p

    *teleports to you and gives you a hug and sneaks in a kiss on the cheek*
    milly molly is just a cute cartoon :p.
    really? Well i had sore-throats so many times since this start of my school year and it's been stressing my life out like mad!
    Yep. Serebi.net, interestingly, has pretty nice people very lovely to interact with. (i never expected)
    Not really, nothing.
    Not sure? Well......it's 00:21 here. :D
    I'm not used to making a girl blush, PinkRose. :p And agreed on the snow. Just make sure you bundle up when you go out in it. Don't freeze your pretty little butt off. :p

    Don't crush me to death with your hugging. You're strong. :p

    Ash, Iris, and Cilan are a great trio, and you should totally watch Best Wishes.

    Yes, it was actually done. But then they regressed them back to morons in the next series.....

    Hmm....Probably Mewtwo, so I could fly around and teleport.
    Aww thanks :3
    Thank you normally I dont feel comfortable giving people things like that but Im so warm and comfortable with you.
    Your such a nice person :)
    So, bikini season is usually a season you don't care for then despite your girly side? :) Ooh, Articune and Glaceon? If you were one of them, you'd be very pretty. :) Yes, Glaceon is gorgeous. They really did a great job with the Eeveelutions. They all look beautiful and unique. Glaceon's one of my favorites of the Eeveelutions.

    It's actually very similar to the Original Series. His two companions, Iris and Cilan have their similarities to Misty and Brock and how they were handled, Team Rocket is actually a threat believe it or not in this series. I really love the animation. A lot of fun characters. I strongly recommend it. It's criminally underrated.

    PinkRose, once again, no need to apologize. Why would I be upset at a cute girl hugging me? :p *hugs you back*

    Oh yeah, Dawn's a stylish chick. :)
    Hello :D I'm Zander

    I'm pretty good, how about you?

    I have to send my 3ds xl to Nintendo to fix it for free since the camera randomly didn't work and it turns off by itself sometimes, and I never dropped it or anything.

    But I do love playing Pokémon black on my dsi, so when I have to send it in, I'm gonna be soft resetting for a shiny tepig :3
    Wow you have a unique humor lol,its so funny.
    Ok got it.Lily is such a nice name,it sounds sophisticated :)
    Well well well...that's an adorable welcoming....i must say.
    I'm just a normal humanbeing :p
    It's nice to meet you to, how do you do?
    No probs. It's always nice to engaging with different types of people :p
    when i read "liily" it reminded me of milly and molly lol.
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