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  • Thank you. :)

    Oh yeah, the original series is great. Yeah, Dawn is from the Sinnoh region. I recommend you watching the Sinnoh region (Diamond and Pearl). I'd say that's the second best or third best saga of the anime or it may be tied for 2nd with Best Wishes. I think you'll love Dawn. She's girly like you and loves pink so yeah. :) You 2 would probably be BFFs. Also, the anime has episodes where Wallace appears with his Milotic.

    Snow is gorgeous. I love the Christmas time. Is it usually really hot where you are, PinkRose. Usually, the girls I know love the beach and summer and love to tan and stuff.

    You'll get it. Keep going for it, girlfriend. :)

    Ooh, those are great choices. I have quite a few (some you probably don't know), but my favorites include Ash, Brock, Dawn, Gary, Paul, May, Drew, and several Team Rocket members on the human side of things. And Charizard, Oshawott, Pikachu, Meowth, Mewtwo, Lucario, Snorlax, and Glalie from the Pokémon side of things.
    Awesome,sorry I took so long I had my 3DS a minute ago and now Im not seeing it.
    Gimme a minute Ill see if I find it.
    My fav title is Pokemon X .
    Don't apologize for being girly. I find girly girls incredibly adorable. There's a reason why Dawn's my favorite PokeGirl in the anime. :) But yeah, those are definitely popular choices among the girls. You girls love yourselves some Milotic don't you? :)

    I certainly hope so. I'd love to see a Kanto game made in 3D like they did with ORAS. And yeah, Sinnoh's a great region. Most of what I know of it comes from the anime, though, since I haven't played D/P/Pt in a while (should really get to them). But yeah, I believe you are referring to Snowpoint City, which is one of my favorite locations in the anime. Do you watch the anime by any chance? How much of it have you seen?

    Not sure. I've never used a FC on my 3DS.
    Oh I see lol.
    Mudkip's really cute indeed but I find treeko cool hence why I picked him.
    You can add any name once the both of us are registered well get the correct ID :)
    Nice. You definitely made the right call. The Pokémon franchise is awesome, and yeah, I have been playing since generation 1. My first main series Pokémon game was Pokémon Yellow. Gen 1 is still my favorite gen in both the anime and games. Love Kanto.

    Ooh, water's a great choice. A lot of great water Pokémon. Who's your favorite Pokémon? Mine's Charizard.
    Aww sweet...wait so long it took to set up mine only took 15 mins lol.
    Dont forget to add me ;).
    I chose treeko what about you?
    PM works great, Lilly. :)

    So, you're a newcomer to the franchise? What made you finally decide to try the games out after all these years, Lilly?

    Hmm. That's a tough one. I don't usually divide them up by type like that. I like Pokémon from both categories. Probably grass, though, since I like more Pokémon from that category.
    Hi, Lilly (that's a really pretty name btw). It's nice to meet you as well.

    Yeah, Chikorita is a favorite of mine both in the games and in the anime. Ash had a really cute one as well. How long have you been playing the games?

    You're very welcome.
    That sucks. I've been constantly getting sick this past year and I almost never was sick before that.

    White personally. I actually don't remember much of White 2 because I haven't played it as much as other games.

    I don't. Nor do I have a 3ds right now - I gave away my old one a few months ago so I'll have to buy a new one with OR.

    White first, then White 2. White 2 is a sequel. I thought you would play Platinum before both though lol.

    I'm fine, how are you?
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