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  • Wow. I have been working for six days straight. Long hours too, i sure could use some relaxation...
    Gen 5 has a lot of my favourite pokemon and a lot of pokemon I dislike haha

    Used to, but now I don't. I will start again but not yet.
    Actually it was a gift back when i was playing Black 2. Someone had a shiny Charmander and was willing to just give it to me. Why, i will never understand. But of course i agreed and now he is my most valuable Pokémon. I have more shinies, i've caught most of them myself. Like a pink Lopunny i called Pink Daddy (obvious reasons). But i also have TWO shiny Gengar. I caught one myself in Platinum, in... October 2010 i believe. And the other one is an event Gengar i got last year's october. Others among my shinies are Golem, Fearow (my second, the first one's deleted along with an old save file), Greninja and Ambipom. I have others too but forgot which ones.
    I can make macaroni and a fried egg. That's about it. Pac Man, yeah i am serious. He's not one of my favourites but in the right hands, pretty tough. Then again, so is Charizard... (A) I am so lucky to have a shiny one...
    Perhaps one of the coolest things about Smash is the fact you can actually buy collectible figures of all Smash characters. Half the character list hasn't been released yet but so far, i have them all. An expensive joke. This here's a roster of all available fighters. The question mark makes the CPU choose a character for you, so you never know which one you are going to use.

    Merkel is a strong woman. She needs to be with all those idiots in Brussel. Sweet and sour balls sounds like stuff you get when you order Chinese, right? Too bad Chinese food is at war with my bowels and later on, the exit connected to my bowels. The rear one.

    Smash is in-cre-dible. They have a few third-party characters too. Like Sonic, Mega Man and Pac Man. You can actually use your own Mii to fight as well. They can be a fistfighter, a gunman or a swordsman. Though the Mii is pretty overpowered. So yeah, i play Smash pretty often. It's the game i've been playing most lately and also the game i am teaching someone some new tricks for. I even participated in a tournament, that's where i got the pendant in my profile picture from. I didn't make it to the finale because of unfair drawings, they were based on luck instead of skills. I destroyed my opponents with Bowser so i should have had a small chance, at least.

    Btw, i ate some meat, potatoes and mushrooms. Red cabbage as well.

    And yes, Pokébank is useful. It even got me a Celebi when i first registered, a year ago. That event has expired though.
    I love your sense of humour (or humor, dunno how to spell it). Check your PM inbox btw.
    Smash is basically Nintendo characters beating the crap out of each other. For example: Mario can fight Link or Pikachu can fight Donkey Kong. Samus vs Kirby, Luigi vs Captain Falcon, that kind of stuff. In the newest Smash there are quite a few Pokémon. Charizard (my favourite Pokémon of all time), Greninja (the fully evolved water starter from X and Y), Lucario, Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Mewtwo will be added as DLC later on.

    Takeaway is awesome! What are you eating?

    The Netherlands is... Well, much more than the stereotypical windmills and cheese and stuff. Most people call it ''Holland'' but that's just what they call two provinces together: North Holland and South Holland. I live in a province called Brabant, it's next to the border with Belgium. I actually live quite near that border. The weather was pretty good lately, plenty of sunshine. Politics are... Well, what you'd expect from them. A lot of talk and not as much actually doing stuff. Crime seems to be getting worse, or at least more agressive. People have a shorter fuse, people are glued to their phones, people are just being assholes in general. There are good people though, plenty of them. But i guess the Netherlands aren't the only country who have that problem.

    The event is still going on, i believe until november this year. So you have plenty of time to get your copy of the game Omega Ruby. There is a catch: you have to get Pokémon Bank on your 3DS as well. It's an application that allows you to store your Pokémon online. Up to 3000 Pokémon. ;)
    Im fine just finished exams :)
    Its the japenese but I doubt you'll watch it though.Its on the internet on the anime sites.
    Oh I see US here but the internet is worldwide so I doubt that would be a problem :)
    Funny, mine's also the 27th. ;)

    I live in the Netherlands. In a small village near the city called Eindhoven. That city is famous for the company Philips and the football club PSV Eindhoven. There's a university too, which draws students from all over the world. Yeah sure, you can add my friendcode. Wii U too if you have one. Thanks! Yeah i'm pretty experienced, it used to be an addiction, now it's more like ''a hobby gone out of control'' haha. Actually, i am experienced enough to teach others some tricks about certain games. I am doing that for an online friend of mine, to help him get better and be a better opponent for me. He gets better, i get a stronger opponent, both parties win.

    No not really, i only turned on Omega Ruby recently to download the special Johto starters. They had their hidden abilities and that was the first time ever they could be legally obtained. I already completed the National Dex on Pokémon Y, i transferred all the Pokémon i had on that game to Omega Ruby. So now, i only need about 60 to 70 more Pokémon, most are unevolved ones.
    I've heard about Sussex from Graham Norton, he's really funny. I'd love to visit England someday, i like the language and the football. But i am NOT looking forward to driving a car on the opposite side of the road. Luckily, there are cabs. I have a lot of free time on my hands, during evenings and weekends. When my favourite team, PSV Eindhoven, doesn't have to play a home match. :p SNES is really old yeah, i played it at my aunt's house since i didn't have my own SNES. We started out with the Gameboy and N64. Ah, those were the days... Right now i probably have three copies of SMW. For the Gameboy Advance, the Wii and the Wii U. Why? Dunno. I also have two copies of Paper Mario, the original for N64 and the Wii version. Same goes for Mario Kart 64. There are so many good games to play, i sometimes have trouble deciding which one is next. Right now, that game is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A great game, my first Zelda game. I borrowed it from a friend, beat the game, then got my own copy on my birthday a couple of years ago.

    Sweet, you're 23 too? When's your birthday? Mine's in august.
    Yeah she is, Pallet Town so after you beat the E4 and kill/catch Snorlax. It sure is, i've been playing games since i was 2/3 years old (i am 23 now). The first one i played was Super Mario World for SNES, the first game i owned was Super Mario Land for Gameboy, and my favourite game of all time is Paper Mario for N64. The others in my personal top 5 are: GTA IV, Smash Bros (as a series), Mario Kart (as a series), Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

    Sure, no problem. Just from guessing, i'd say you live... In the UK?
    No problem. We live in different counties so delay is possible. Just know that you start evolving your Feebas when you can let your Pokémon get massages from Daisy Oak.

    Aside from Pokémon, i play Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros. But i also like Dragonball Z, Resident Evil, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Golden Sun. I just might have forgotten a few but Nintendo games are my favourite. I even met Charles Martinet in Amsterdam a while back, on the 1st of december in 2013.
    Different reasons. Other games, competitive people online, the GTS, that kind of stuff. But i still like Pokémon though. Gotta catch the last 70 Pokémon on my National Dex @ Omega Ruby someday.

    Btw... How do you plan on getting Milotic on HG? Trading with your friend's copy of Pearl? Feebas can be caught in Mt. Coronet so that would make sense.
    Im guessing your the type of girl with pink bedroom,laptop,majority of your clothes pink,pink head phones,diary and soon to be pink 3DS ^_^
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