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  • Faint your poke? Does it work when the Synchroniser's fainted but in the first slot of the party? I didn't know this.
    Well, I wanted to be prepare your final Houndour but nvm, as you wish. Can I ask why do you insist on a Mild nature? And there's no problem- I'll teach it Darkpulse in here right away...
    Will start working on a Modest Synchroniser for you :)
    Then I'll just leave this idea if it's a hard one...
    You can always use Synchronisers with good natures to increase the percents of getting wild pokes with a specific nature you know. If you haven't got, I can send you a Modest one and you can keep it for good afterwards too.
    Among the pokes' list- I'm mostly interested in a shiny Venonat/moth, and that's why I want to send you a Modest Synchroniser
    BTW- I've already managed to prepare a Houndour for you. I've currently got a Modest one, Early Bird, a flawless IV for SATK, and Counter as an additional eggmove. If you want I can try and breed a few more eggs to hatch a Mild one, but this one also has another eggmove and the others won't be able get it. About your DARKPULSE- I'll just attach the TM to it and you'll decide what to do with it :)
    You're welcome :) I don't know much about the radar method of hunting for shinies- Are there only specific species which can be find by this way, or anything that can be found on PT is an option? How long will it take you to get a shiny this way once you have had an access to a DS+PT? If you can get me a shiny Eevee or Sneasel that will be awesome, and with a good nature it will be super-awesome lol :D

    Sorry for my ignorance- but what DA is?
    Then there's an option which enables you to delete it- Go to the HOUNDOUR thread [in the 4th gen trade's section], look for your post, and then press EDIT and then DELETE... Anyways, unfortunately I can't assist you in the 5th gen games, but if you've got an option to migrate from the fourth one to the fifth, I can send you one to your 4th gen game [and yes, I can try breeding it w/ Mild nature].

    P.S: This Italic style font is lovely!
    Hello ma'am, how are you? I can send you a hatched Houndour with a a specific nature of your choice [as long as it among the common ones I'll be able to pass it to it] with this move. I do interest in shinies, as long as they're FULLY LEGIT AND UNCLONED. Have you got any of these? Welcome to the forum community btw :)
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