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  • Nothing silly... I'm just telling you what I was able to see, I can see it fine <3 and I think I get it now. I'm gonna try one more time, hopefully I get it <3
    Mat is a well known RNGer. He is also known as Bond697, the admin of pokecheck, and also one of the ones who helped discover how to RNG on 5g games, I know him personally, what is wrong with him or his mons?
    That means that hyderigon was hacked, or a 4G file, you can only send 5G files on that GTS

    Try opening IR GTS again and put in the DW pokemon I sent you
    Just go into the regular GTS, have the pkm file loaded and ready beforehand, you'll walk up to the machine like you're going to deposit a pokemon, but instead, your pokemon will come down to you!

    Is that what you were stuck on?
    what are you stuck on? changing the DNS on your wifi settings, or did you do all that and save, and now you're ready to go into the GTS? lmk where exactly you are at.
    you may also need to upldate your microsoft NET, which you can do easily, the PC will do it all itself. just go into control panel, and click on find updates
    One thing I forgot to tell you:

    1. you may have to close out your firewall just while using the GTS, you can turn it back on when your done, it may block it is why.

    2. You have to turn off programs like skype, Yahoo messenger, aim, and any im thing on the PC, as they also block the ports that GTS use. I hope this helps you some, try doing those 2 things and LMK if that works
    excellent, now open IR-GTS BW and it should give you a number to input in your DS's wifi settings, like this pic: http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/x...ingIRGTSBW.jpg and to change your DNS, follow these directions: http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/x...ingDNSonDS.jpg After you do that and save your new settings, then, just click S to send a file, put one of the pkm files over the GTS, it will show up there in quations, delete the qoutations, go into the GTS like normal, and you are now connected to your IR GTS and your pokemon will come right to you!

    Go into GTS with a full party so the mon will go to a PC box

    when you get the first one, leave load the next one, and repeat

    when done, just put all your setting back to normal, and close the GTS

    After that contact me, I will give you a list of trusted and well know RNGers and all their pokemon for you to download whatever you want, and then put in your Game! you'll never need to trade again! lol

    LMK this all works for you!
    Here's that list I promised you in the reply I did like a derp in my own messages! lol be sure to go read over there, as I put in explanations on how to use the GTS!! I can't beleive I did that! lol
    Excellent! you can set up a Fake GTS server then and put those mons in your game!

    First thing you do is google "Pythyon 2.7.1 download" Download it, install it, then post me a message when that is done, then we get the GTS in. Python is needed so you can read what the GTS does in english, and not computer language! lol
    ok, you can always get winrar to open the zip file, the others you can't open, they already are, they just need to go in the game
    Hi I sent the email with the pkm files and a little program to see if you can set up the fake GTS on your PC, LMK the results asap! If it says you can get on pokecheck, we can set up IR GTS BW for you! :)
    I see that you have a Liberty Pass Victini, and if you think that just a DW female isnt equal for it, I have another females DW.
    [Kangaskhan -Drowzee -Shuppet -Wobbuffet -Dratini -Abra -Butterfree -Ledyba -Mankey -Sunkern -Pidgey -Lickitung -Ponyta -Houndour -Munna Skitty, Meowth, Murkrow, Natu, Pichu, Growlithe, Marill, Pachirisu, Sableye, Spinda, Sudowoodo, Tentacool and Vulpix.]
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