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  • Ah, those classes sound so awesome. I'm a sophomore and, really, I want to major in many areas, but realistically I know it's not all possible. In the beginning, I aimed to be a writer, carrying around "The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing" wherever I went with pride. But now, the works I'm currently doing have made me want to expand upon it and make it into a video game series. So my initiative lies within mastering Graphic Design and Screenwriting. I also wanted to do Psychology, since many events in my life has intrigued me so that I've wanted to learn more about the human mind. I've usually been keeping record of a lot of those events through rather unconventional methods: Creative writing. But when you usually do a lot of self-analyzing (such as I), then there are times that knowing your weakness and the ailment to it, yet you keep making the same mistakes and knowing that you are at the same time! It's rather confusing to explain, but nothing is ever complicated if you know that there's an explanation somewhere.

    Yeah. I can't wait to get my copy of Y this month! Or December, if not now.
    Indeed. At first I felt a little disappointed that we didn't get many new pokemon, but the improvements in mechanics and added/revamped features are enough compensation for that. But now that you've clarified the fact, I guess I shouldn't have been disappointed at all. Realistically, this gives GameFreak a break from taking the conventional method of interest by creating +100 new pokemon, giving them more chance to develop concepts and ideas for more pokemon in the future.

    Hm. How are those studies? What work do you usually do in those classes?
    Ah, I see. Yeah, I've changed my name a couple of times, but I'm keeping this one. It's been a bit difficult keeping up with the times. I know. I sort of dropped out of the X&Y discussion a while ago, but I am fascinated by the new pokemon. Namely Barbaracle and Dragalge. But anyhow, what do you plan on majoring in?
    Senior year of college sums it up nicely. Factor in that I never played the 5th generation- both because college (Didn't stop some of my friends, though!) and that I found the 5th gen games overwhelmingly mechanically- and I don't have as much reason to come here, since discussion usually centers on the newest games and the anime. And you, you've changed your name like three times!
    Oh, sorry. Were did we leave off?

    ..Oh, yeah. Leaving friends and moving up toward higher grounds. I believe that I have overcome that stress.
    Awesome! It's great to have you back. I just got out of the last day of school. A couple of some great friends I have...we may never see each other again. But hey, there's the internet.
    Ah. I see. You have some "Siriz Bizniz" to attend to. I understand.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to see how you were doing. Good day.
    Wow. No one has been sending you any visitor messages? You can join this group I made if you'd like. Easy to make new friends there. Not trying to advertise. Just helping
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