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  • Rareball collection completed!!!

    If you want to contact me, please send me a PM so it reach my email box.

    Have a nice day.
    Thanks you too. And sorry if my stuff is low quality. With the way breeding is now, I prefer low quality stuff because it's easier to get and you can mold ii into whatever you choose. I'll lt you know in 2 weeks or so if I get anything new. Until then, I wish you good luck with your career and if you need an ear to listen I'm here for you.
    sorry, had to throw this trade together during work. My brother is coming home from the military and my family is making various plans. That and work has been super busy due to father's day. I'm basically a wal-mart janitor and people have been doing some crazy and disgusting stuff in our store over the past week and a half.
    The only reason I picked that time is that I have something going on later and I have no idea if I'll be able to get on after that or not. I'm home now and I should be available for the next 2-3 hours. I had a family thing and it ended earlier than I anticipated.
    I would like:
    Chimchar: repeat, dive, net, nest, timer, heal, quick, dusk
    Piplup: great, ultra, repeat, luxury, net, nest, timer, heal, quick, dusk

    Beast: bellsprout, drowzee, exeggcute, ledyba, igglybuff, delibird, skarmory, elekid, magby

    ha is not required and gender does not matter.

    and that makes 27. I'll start breeding tomorrow I'm heading to bed early after a rough day.

    thanks again :)
    Yeah, just got my last set of mons in. I had a coworker who decided to get rid of his copy of moon. He let me rsid it for items and non legendaries and for some reason he trade for a full set of apricorn balls from 6 people. He didn't want them so I took them and started either trading or catching like mad over 3 days. Needless to say I got the job done. Man, if I could only have done this sooner lol. I have updated my list for the final time today. I'll get in touch with you tomorrow cause I need to get ready for and go to bed asap. Night.
    Well, I've had a productive weekend so far. Wonder trade wednesday and the GTS came through for me this week, plus some of my coworkers had a few things for me. I still have a few things to collect so hopefully I'll have everything later today.
    XD;;; I might be farther along in the game if this stubborn mareanie would just cooperate!
    My plaza level is 178. No, I have not yet finished the main game; I keep getting distracted hunting shinies. I'm heading for the grand trial on the third island.
    I'll wait 2 weeks then so that you have less to worry about. Just focus on that and I hope things go well for you :)
    I have some more new additions. GTS has been a friend to me for once. Also from sunday 23/4/2017 to Thursday 27/4/2017 I will be working overnights 9PM - 8 AM While I'll only be working 10pm - 7am I will have an hour long commute to and from work. I won't be able to actually trade until friday.
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