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    look I'm sorry I notieced you kind off quote me in the whole Dawn and her mom episode thread.....
    to be honest I thought at the time it is all real, BUT (and there is a huge but) my so called source backed down so I won't count on that very much but I still think some of this is real (Dawn getting a leafon or whatever his name) since she gave away ambipom and the anime never showed leafon I think so maybe she will get an eevee egg and it will evolve to leafon?..../:
    I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful banner :)
    i clearly love it. i cant stop looking at it
    You're very welcome :D
    im not gonna say it freshmen but dont alk about my baby that way, look i just graduated, and im very deppressed, yes i was an ***, but u odeeed on me, look for real i like ure attitude, so out of everyone here im asking for ure help to teach me how to use this site, and yes i love pokemon too,
    i think meowth did want to evolve in one episode
    It wanted to evolove, but NOT into Perisan(it hates it's evo). It once(how I remember) wanted to evolove into Sneasel, but, of course it didn't:p
    Really random question, but I'm curious.
    Do you happen to be a member of TPC on Neopets...?
    If so, I think I know you.
    If not, I've got you mixed up with someone who has like. The same username.
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