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    1. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Ahh, and I thought I'd gone crazy .__.

      I've only personally met two people with Pokemon games my whole life, and that was back in the GSC/RSE days.
    2. Burakoru
      I do. D: I have memories of spending a 7 hour road trip gambling my way towards the Giga Impact TM back when I was a little noob....so before late 5th gen.
    3. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      It totally read 9+ mins. .___.

      National. Oh, and also HG.
    4. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Not bad. I like her style, but I don't have the patience for music that's longer than 5 mins .__.

      Sigh...Pearl. One of the only games where I completed the Dex.
    5. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Fling your tastes at me, I insist :>

      I just hope what you fling are a bunch of Watmel or Petaya Berries...or Ganlon Berries :3
    6. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Lots of Latin music and shiet .__.
    7. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Yes. Stuff I grew up with, main :3
    8. Burakoru
      Think it's the route before Victory Road; with all the surfin'.
    9. Burakoru
      As you'd enter the tower it would glitch up.

      I remember that actually being a must-do objective in D/P, but it wasn't in Platinum.....I may be wrong though. *looks* Yeah; Strength was at the top of the tower, so you had to go there to progress.

      - The friend got the second one from his cousin who was done with pokemon, and it had a bunch of hacked pokemon in it that he liked (he was 11, to be fair), so he kept that one, I got the clean one. :P
    10. Burakoru
      Alright, story time.

      For Christmas, I got Diamond. I don't know WHERE my parents got it, but the game would glitch up when I got to the Lost Tower; I ended up playing to that point, and then restarting to see if it was a one-time glitch......it was not. Being a 9-year-old at the time, I simply put it away as I didn't think to look up why it wasn't working.

      I later got Pearl, I don't remember HOW I got it, but I lost it. So a friend gave me his copy of pearl, as he had two. So, having played through a good portion of Diamond twice, and then Pearl twice, by the time Platinum had arrived (which wasn't more than a year later, I believe) I had done quite a fair share of Sinnoh-story. >__<;
    11. Burakoru
      Most likely. xD Still been quite a few years- *double checks* like... a little over 7 years?

      And nice; my first "anticipated game" was Platinum. xD Which is strange cause it was basically a remake of D/P (which I had played several times due to some.......problems with my games beforehand. :P)
    12. Burakoru
      Neither. :P I was playing Red when D/P came out. All of my friends didn't have Gameboys anymore, and I was lucky to even get one offa ebay.
    13. Burakoru
      I remember I used to thing Graveller was awesome cause I caught a Geodude from Mt. Moon in my original red. I remember that, and a Charizard.......

      and I think I had a Pidgey. Don't remember any others, but the Graveller stands out in my mind. :P

      And lol; thinking of normal types, are we? (Although I admit to just recently realizing Poison does normal damage to Psychic, not x0.5. That's my one typing mess-up I could never remember.
    14. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      not country anything. I'm openmided.
    15. Burakoru
      Yeah......reminds me of mah Red and Silver days. :-3
    16. Burakoru
      Because it's nice to still have people play and not be the super competitive types who calculate everything..

      Yeah. :1
    17. Burakoru
      Double-Battle Trick Room team involving Reuniclus, Dusknoir, and Mega-Camerupt (as well as a few other slow pokemon options I haven't decided from, including Conkeldurr, Escavalier, Sp. Aegislash, Snorlax, and Eviolite Trapinch)
    18. Burakoru
      So I got tired of hatching eggs for the unevolved pokemon I don't have, so I started up breeding again for a team I've been working on. :]
    19. Burakoru
      xD Hilarious. *some form of laughter*
    20. Burakoru
      O____o A shiny? Luckyyyyyyyy!

      (And yeah; it's a guy..........so I named him after Freddie Mercury. :D)
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