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Feb 20, 2011
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    1. Burakoru
      Except Audino is cuter. >__>

      And has a mega-evolution.

      *hugs my Audino named Mercury*
    2. Burakoru
      - oh, missed your question. ^_^;

      Umm... I'd say when ever; the only beneficial move Wingull gets that Pelipper doesn't is Air Slash, but Air Cutter isn't bad either, so it really depends on if you want Air Slash or not.

      If you want Air Slash - Lv. 40

      If you don't care - Lv. 25 or higher;
    3. Burakoru
      IIRC they're the original names of Koffing and Weezing, after New York, and Los Angeles. :P
    4. Burakoru
      Yeah; xD We could have Ny, La, and Acme. :D
    5. Burakoru
      Yeah....he's bulky, but not a good self-destructor. xD

      As a younger kid, I used to picture a Weezing evolution where it gains a second mini-head, and both heads gain little fuses like on cartoon bombs. xD
    6. Burakoru
      It's not as good a pokemon as you'd think; but that's just my opinion. xD
    7. Burakoru
      Ah, well that's cool. :3 *goes back to training a Koffing and Rhyhorn so they'll evolve*
    8. Burakoru
      Ooh, cool.....and a shame simultaneously. :(
    9. Burakoru
      Lelz; not going THAT hardcore; just catching 'em all, possibly using them to trade for others, evolving 'em, ect.
    10. Burakoru
      Ah, nice.

      I'm working on getting Pokedex info for all the pokemon ever. :3 Cause..........I feel the need to.
    11. Burakoru
      *looks up from game* We talking Main-story, or basically everything that can be done.

      Cause if Main Story, I beat it in a little under 24 hours; if we're talking Post-game, I take my time with that stuff. x3
    12. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Turn the whole thread...into a comic! Every little happening in the thread will become a page in the comic as it continues.

      I think that way, it can encourage everyone to carry it to the very end :3
    13. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Better. I just get caught up with drawing a lot, but I think I found a way to make the thread a bit more lively.
    14. Burakoru
      I got one a while ago...

      and then I got a second email with another code about a week lateer...so that's weird. :D
    15. Scriptor Scorpio
      Scriptor Scorpio
      Sorry to hear it, but good to hear you're hanging in there^^ Heh, been binge watching stuff myself. So far watched Kill La Kill, Attack on Titan and Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann... Chuunibyou's up next, heard it's heartwarming. Darn those anime friends that keep recommending them:p
    16. Scriptor Scorpio
      Scriptor Scorpio
      Actually yes:p Been uploading my Mass Effect machinima to Youtube:D The Lazy Effect, 14 episodes so far, next one uploading in about two weeks:D Been trying to write other stuff too^^ How have you been?
    17. Burakoru
      ........eww, when did I say I was a vegan? Whether it's steak, pork, bacon, or chicken, I'm good. :P

      And that face. O_o
    18. Burakoru
      Ah; I could never get into Villager...not sure why; he's one of the few characters I'm not a big fan of in the game (along with the star-fox-duo, pikachu, shulk, and any of the third-party characters)
    19. Burakoru
      Really? I'd honestly recommend it (though if you're iffy on whether to go 3DS or Wii U, I'd wait til Wii U). The game itself is really fun, the list of players is diverse, and the characters themselves all feel really balanced.
    20. Burakoru
      Got it at a midnight release; :3
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