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  • I still have this account! 15 years and going strong. If any old friends still linger here, feel free to drop a message. I have good memories from this place....
    Hey! Fancy seeing you around. I just dropped by for the nostalgia and saw your post. I have fond memories of playing gender race against the boys with you. I hope things are going well! ^_^
    Yeah things really have changed. Finance represent. Living with the new girlfriend (well new being like 2 years).

    I'll be in detail via PM
    So what is up? Been a really long time since I last heard from you, so have you got 6th gen yet? If so you should add me.
    WoW it as been forever since I heard from you :(, so what is new? Have you finally gotten gen 6 yet? It is awesome poke-bank is finally out. Unfortunately, 5 of my Legendaries are not legit, so I am forced to find some nice people who are willing to trade them to me. So what is your FC?
    Your only allowed so many friends and I really want you to be one of mine, so please hurry up and get one then get your FC. Mine is 3196-4321-1558
    I've gotten most of my gameboy stuff from a 2nd hand store. Anyways please hurry up and join me in the coolest pokemon game ever! You can style your character hair clothes. Coming Dec 27th well have the ability to trade I cannot wait.
    I would love to travel to Japan, but that is a ways off. As for Teaching or Translating/interpreting it I don't know. Teaching seems like the easiest way for me to actually get a job going for it, but teaching is something that I am not the greatest at. Translating seems to be the more fun thing to do because a lot of things I enjoy are from Japan (Anime RPGs etc). I feel that thing is something that I can decide closer to that point but as of now I want to get the ball rolling for the whole college thing.

    I like Medieval History as I have an Uncle that is a giant nut for the stuff and has been looking into how they made coins back in that time period. I don't have an extensive knowledge of the period or probably any kind of knowledge of the period but I do enjoy that period. The only thing I know of Ancient Greece is from a Humanities class from High School and the only thing I really remember from that is reading Dante's Inferno (None of the other ones though sadly).

    Hey whatever pays the bills. Knowing how to do accounting can help in the long run allowing you to keep good track of money and what not. Though I have heard from friends that it is really flipping boring to do. It isn't my sort of thing to do since it really is restrictive and up tight so I feel you there. I mean we will probably all have to bite the bullet at some point and do the business suit type of job but I would prefer it to be something that I enjoy rather than something that pays well (Though if they coincide with each other that is just called winning).

    As for you going to school, have you thought about teaching history or maybe a specific time period? You could do it and it probably would be better than accounting. Sure with teaching you don't have much free spirit (I don't know about schools over in the UK mind you) but you would at least be doing something that you love
    Well I plan on going to a state college for my major and go to Grad school over in California or somewhere that is not my hometown. It isn't too expensive with Grants, Loans, and Federal Assistance but to do that I need to take the ACT, fill out a bunch of forms, submit them and hope for the best. I can't get accepted into the college without the ACT (Since my High School grades will not get me in. God damn senior year) but that costs money to take and I need to get something to study for it since I never took Calculus (being out of high school for 5 years doesn't help).

    I know the feeling of having schooling for something and having basically no career openings since I want to major in Japanese and there is really no career options outside of teaching. I know it is only a hypothetical knowledge of a feeling (That sentence doesn't make much sense). All in all it is going to need me to do things so I can get this ball rolling.

    So you went to school for History, anything specific like Art Music etc or just the broad subject? Also by Training Contract do you mean something like an Internship?
    As for me, I haven't graduated from College yet since I still have to go. I am working on it so I can go next year for the fall semester since being 23 and seeing all my high school friends almost done with High School makes me feel....slow is probably the best word. As for working, I work two jobs and still don't work enough for it to be considered full time, but it pays the bills. What did you major in?
    Well I defeated Champion and I've gotta say that this game is something that I thought was only a dream. I can custom my characters outfits (at the start of the game I get 3 different face options) I can style my hair different colors and even cut it or make it longer. My guy is all black :) any fan would be a fool to not get it because they would be seriously, missing out.
    Hey I remember you from a long time ago. I don't think we talked much, but how has life been? If you don't want to post about personal things I understand and I might also be some random person at this point in time.
    I hear you about it being the only game that you would play, but you know what? It is the exact same thing for me too lol and I went out and bought a DS3. It looks like they made another DS called DS2 and you can do half and half meaning half on DS3 and the other on DS2 man they are sure trying to get their moneys worth aren't they? However, I think it is still worth it to play on the DS3 I like my grass starter I had him fully evolved in a day and he is awesome. Also, near the beginning you are given the choice to get another pokemon (from the 1st generation which I think is pretty cool) I chose squirtle (because I always use to choose Charmender first I decided to try something new, but now I regret it because damn Squirtle seems useless so far). Did you know that they came out with a new stone? MegaStone? You can evolve certain pokemon to a 4th level like the first generation starters and Mewtwo. You can ride pokemon and have air battles. I rode a Rhyhorn on a mountain path and destroyed huge boulders it was awesome lol.
    Well Pokemon X & Y is out now and I have it. Let me tell you it is by far the best one yet! If you consider yourself a fan of the game then you must get it asap.
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