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Last Activity:
Apr 28, 2019
Feb 15, 2008
Likes Received:
Apr 5, 1991 (Age: 29)
Miscellaneous countryside
University student, Local Council/Oxfam volunteer

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Word., 29, from Miscellaneous countryside

pirate555 was last seen:
Apr 28, 2019
    1. treespyro
      Poor person, Oh well
      I got to go and clean and cook
    2. Andywoo
      Lucky, lucky, lucky.


      Faulty wood apparently. Couldn't be avoided. Man I am pissed though
    3. treespyro
      I have been to Wales and Ireland and London, I have muscles, Yes
      Summer is here and ti has been 40+ degrees recently, GO Nadal
    4. Andywoo
      I thought the snow never sets in England, becuase it always rains (xD)


      Cool *copies and pastes to Tatiana*


      Guess what? My new bat which I spent hours preparing snapped (well, got quite a large crack) It's beyond repair :(
    5. treespyro
      Fine, It is a lot more busy, Right now it is quite hot so I am only wearing shorts, no shirt and it is 26 degrees, It does seem hotter
      I only seen snow once at UK, It was somewhere in Wales
    6. Andywoo
      Aho- what are you doing on at this time, Kronsteen?


      btw, I still have to ask you for the social club descrition..
    7. treespyro
      Well Kronsteen
      It is Comrade Tatiana
      Long time no posting
      What is happening
    8. Hydroleaf
      May I have your friend code, Pirate?
    9. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      Actually, I am a slob. You should see my room...papers are everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE. And I can be a bit immature at times...as you seen from the hypnosis games. I don't think you're mean at all. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings. I will do the best in my power to make it up to you...I will.

      Also, I am never online on the weekends.

      Robert "CyberBlastoise" CENSORED. (well you didn't think I'd tell you my last name now did you?)
    10. BattyCat
      "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."- Albert Camus
      I thought i might have to post it on here because you never check faceBook lol!
      Its so pretty- that quote that i predicted i might not remember to tell you at the pArty so here we go- haha *check it out im on seribii*
    11. chimkong
      Yeehaw there, =D

      About Cybert's games, did he tell you what I said about you when I 'became' him? If not, ask him. LOL I just teased him to the borders of annoyance. Anyways, I'm not playing that 'game' again........and I think that you weren't able to talk to him last night, or were you?

      Aww! What happened, dear? I 'heard' that you got some injury during a fencing competition. Even then, why did you continue fencing? Common dear, don't over-do yourself. I would love to take part in that contest, if only I knew how to play Gala and I was able to get to the competition place.

      That's right! religion plays the main part in my life, but that doesn't mean that sports and other things become unnecessary. Infact, sports like archery, swimming, etc. are recommended in our religion....I, too, hope there will be something for me to do in the future, but so far all I see coming in the future are course homeworks, tests, and exams. XD

      Take Care
    12. Andywoo
      Maybe not. Might decide to get ****** as it will be my 16th


      One armed fencing? lol


      he he, ryto. See you later then
    13. Andywoo
      Maybe I will. My birthday is in only two weeks.............

      Yuppers. I would play through though. I'm not going to miss an opportunity to use the new bat.


      Oh yeah, fencing. Just remembering some of our fencing conversations when I didn't really know you. Good times............
    14. Andywoo
      Yep, still enjoying them. Only have a few days left so better make the most of them


      Things are getting better actually. My back is quite a bit better now than what it used to be so good news


      Hows yourself?
    15. Andywoo
      Mornin' Kronsteen ^_^ (Whoa, just as you got on too.........)
    16. Andywoo
      Yea ryto, 'night Kronsteen.
    17. Andywoo
      We need you to help with the description for the group, if that's cool
    18. Andywoo

      Mornin' Kronsteen ^_^. Tatiana and I neeed your help...
    19. Oasis
      I was looking at different Pokemon Sites when I stumbled upon this one.

      Now I love it.
    20. Master Marc Spirt
      Master Marc Spirt
      It's been awhile I haven't battled you on wifi,I got new pokemon to test out,so if you ever catch me on wifi,if your not going to battle anyone else,lets have a good old battle...
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  • About

    Apr 5, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Miscellaneous countryside
    University student, Local Council/Oxfam volunteer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I thrive on caffeine and marshmallows, and wither against malcontents and misanthropists

    Various: Language, Music, Art, Travel, Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Ish. History. Fencing.