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Last Activity:
Apr 28, 2019
Feb 15, 2008
Likes Received:
Apr 5, 1991 (Age: 29)
Miscellaneous countryside
University student, Local Council/Oxfam volunteer

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Word., 29, from Miscellaneous countryside

pirate555 was last seen:
Apr 28, 2019
    1. chimkong
      'Evening, sweetie ^_^

      Recieved your message^^ Can't wait to talk to you, now =) But don't come before completing your work =P

    2. Igottapoo
      Anything for you ^^ You may as well just skip the whole movie then. =P

      Too bad I never heard that song. =/

      Good for you. ^_^
      Goodbye pair of panties. Have fun. ^^

      Pair of rollerblades
    3. Igottapoo
      Aw I would have been there to hold your hand. :P I don't like them much either.

      Aww poor you. I guess a break would be great then.

      I'm fine. Just doing the usual of being lazy. What about you?
      Pair of bunnies.
    4. Igottapoo
      :P It was R rated. If they don't have that where you live then it means no one under 17 without parental permission.

      I knew my pair of panties was a hard worker. ^_^

      Pair of dragons
    5. Igottapoo
      Yeah. I guess the booby scenes made it easier to watch. ^_^;;

      You're pirate. So you can do anything. :P

      Good night. :)
      Pair of ducks laying eggs.
    6. Andywoo
      Yep, not bad. Going out to play some cricket shortly so have a chance to try out these new cricket pads I got.


      Yea, get it now. It doesn't particularly make sense but I guess I will take it.


      But, hows yourelf? I am inclinded to ask.......
    7. Andywoo
      'bout time Thank you *hugs*


      O_o, what? I think I get it...
    8. Andywoo
      Aw, c'mon. Be a pal, it's my birthday where I live and that's what counts. I would do it for you.


      Excellent, although you making me wait isn't the best. I don't actually feel any older though, that's the thing
    9. Andywoo
      Hey Kronsteen ^_^
    10. Igottapoo
      Yeah. It's one of those Slasher movies. I don't like them but my friends pushed me into it.

      You're just a hard working pair of panties aren't you? =P You'll get it done.

      Pair of striped jaguars. =P
    11. Igottapoo
      Thank you. ^_^ You have a great one too.

      Pretty good. I saw the Friday the 13th movie yesterday and it was bad. :/
      How are you?
      Pair of wolves.
    12. Igottapoo
      Just thought I'd wish my pair of panties a happy Valentines Day. :) <3
    13. BattyCat
      haha thankyou Pirate me dear! HEHEHEHE_ IM OLDER THAN YOU HAHAHAHA (your right it is scary) but hey one word: FAME! :D
    14. Kycap
      You must think you're pretty insane, don't you?
      Yeah, you beat all your friends at pokemon, with your secrets, and skills.
      Well join INSANE TRAINERS, a social group completely dedicated to finding more ways to pwn with dignity. Come...join uzzzzz.
    15. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      Yep...the best day ever...

      Cool. That's really awesome.

      I'm pretty sure you can do them better...but all right.
    16. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      If you want I could give you my lessons. hehehe

      Yeah, it's the best day of the month for me.
    17. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      Hey Hets, how are you?
    18. Misfit_PM
      O_O wow...

      I hope so >< I want snow!!!

      I'll see you there ^_^!
    19. Andywoo
      OMG, same here. I always remember the useless trivia


      lol, you pulled sickies then =P


      Knowing England it would flood the school though ;-)
    20. treespyro
      Hello Comrade
      For many reasons, We are going PM convo

      I am sure you understand
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  • About

    Apr 5, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Miscellaneous countryside
    University student, Local Council/Oxfam volunteer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I thrive on caffeine and marshmallows, and wither against malcontents and misanthropists

    Various: Language, Music, Art, Travel, Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Ish. History. Fencing.